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Organ donation: An urgent need for social awareness in India.

Organ donation

Organ donation

Organ donation is the process that involves procuring an organ legally with the intention of being able to surgically help someone in need. Consent is given either by the donor while they’re alive or after death by their next of kin.

Statistical data of India (as of 2018) exhibits that in response to the requirement for 1.75 lakh kidney transplants, only 8,000 transplants were completed.

Although 50,000 people died of hepatic failure, only 1,000 got liver transplants to survive. These numbers are even more serious in view of organs like the heart, pancreas, and lungs.

In India, at least 15 patients die waiting for an organ transplant every day and every 10 minutes, a new name is added to this ever-expanding waiting list.

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