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PannonPharma Inc.:  The Stalwart Frontrunners of the Added-value Pharma Industry Offers Generic Based BREAKTHROUGH Therapy Against SARS-Cov-2 in COVID-19 and Control over Pandemic

PannonPharma Inc | Mr JP Pallos | CEO
PannonPharma Inc | Mr JP Pallos | CEO

Back in the 1980s, a group of young research fellows, medical doctors, bio-analysts formed a research group. They were investigating the metabolic changes of astronauts during their space flight, and in parallel, started to study cholesterol metabolism of patients with hepatobiliary disorders. They pioneered instrumental chromatography, the HPLC, the revolutionary separation science on this field. This research project was supported by George Soros in the form of world class scientific instrumentation.

This research work lead to discover the role of bile acids in cholesterol metabolism and to understand its role in “high cholesterol level associated diseases”. Despite the hard working, promising results, the golden age of “statins” as pharmaceuticals, made it impossible to commercialize the invention. But the knowledge they gained is not lost. High cholesterol level is the major risk factor of sever Covid-19, and mostly responsible for the coronavirus pandemic as well.

Their early results just need to be reevaluated when the first papers published about Cholesterol role in COVID-19, which is a major key-risk factor and has a definitive role in the pathogenesis and decourse of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Cholesterol is the question of death or life, and offers new treatment modalities for COVID-19 patients.

This research group and their work laid the foundation for PannonPharma Inc. and among them was the company’s current CEOJ. P. Pallos.

PannonPharma Pharmaceutical Inc. is more an R&D-driven generic plus pharma company than a large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturer. PannonPharma’s R&D team continuously monitors the new treatment opportunities in medicine and medical technologies related to challenges by new infections and diseases. The innovations are based mainly on repurposing its portfolio with well-established use products.

PannonPharma is the only company so far, that offers ram to the jab, a new solution to stop or alleviate the coronavirus pandemic, where the barehanded jab is the mandatory vaccination, which can strengthen by a ram, which is the gastrointestinal (GI) SARS-Cov-2 virus disinfection by the newly discovered virus structural disrupter.

The company’s new paradigm is a non-systemic treatment to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 in the intestines, i.e. viral disinfection of the GI tract, necessary to stop virus shedding by symptomless virus carriers, as well. This new treatment modality (patent application submitted) might be a life-saving treatment of COVID-19 patients and ought to be the subject of emergency market authorization by regulatory bodies.

Non-systemic treatment is a mild medical intervention, as drug does not enter into the circulatory system, have no effect on vital organs, therefore side effects are rather lower in frequency.

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of this patented antiviral therapy is the well-known antimycotic drug Nystatin, with forgotten, repurposed antiviral activity. By inhibiting the nasty fungy species, mostly Candida albicans, at the same time, Nystatin is capable to denaturalize the coronaviruses and their possible mutants as well, which are accounted as one of the major cytokine storm inducers too. It can be used immediately, by emergency use market authorizations. This is PannonPharma’s very last project, still open, for clinical trials, one might be necessary afterwards. Investors are welcome!


PannonPharma’s mission is to develop new medicines, new medical technologies, by inventing, repurposing, repositioning generics to generic plus pharmaceutical products, having active substances with well-documented safety and beneficial effect in therapies.

Range of PannonPharma’s Offerings

The full scope of PannonPharma’s activities covers manufacturing of generics and original medicines (EU GMP), import and distribution medicinal products from third countries, drug regulatory affairs, sales, scientific and technical research and development, medicine analytics, engineering, consulting. Its portfolio includes more than seventy products: tablets, capsules, granules, solutions, sterile solutions, ointments, injectable and powder mixtures.

PannonPharma Group of Companies is also a think-tank that offers simple solutions for complex problems.

They develop products to meet the unmet needs in the therapy of:

  • Multi-resistant SA Staphylococcus aureus topical treatment by primycin antibiotics,
  • to stop coronavirus: the API for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus eradication in:
    • GI tract – disinfection agents and their combinations,
    • Nose – Nasal drops, spray by interferon,
    • Eye – eye drop,
    • Ear – ear drops,
    • herbal substances for inhalation solution to disinfect the Respiratory system and lungs
  • Free radical scavengers to treat oxidative stress diseases in virus infections, and vaccinations
  • Complex health food supplements to tune the immune system up against viruses and vaccines
  • Antiviral Cancer treatment by herbal substances
  • Non-GMO superfood, virus-resistant and protein-rich potato varieties

There are new technologies rising on the horizon. Reconstruction surgeries need precisely manufactured implants. PannonPharma’s partnership company developed the CT segmentation imaging technology, able to extract precise anatomic profiles from noisy CT recordings, in a very short period of time. They plan to add value by manufacturing tailor-made bone and 3D tissue cultured implants.

What makes PannonPharma Stand Out

PannonPharma claims to be the only company that may contribute to stopping, alleviating the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, by non-systemic viral disinfection of the GI tract, repurposing cholesterol-binding Nystatin drug. Its antiviral activity is a very robust one, destroys the envelop structure of all coronaviruses and their mutants, too.

The ongoing pandemic shall be controlled applying two principles of social defense: the first is vaccination of masses, as a systemic treatment, as much as possible. The second one must be a non-systemic treatment of (GI) disinfection, eradication of the virus from the intestines.

This non-systemic treatment is also mandatory because the infection in the GI tract may cause damage to the intestinal barriers. This viral attack on vital organs via circulation (viremia) may cause clinically severe or fatal conditions in patients. The persistence of the virus in the GI tract may lead to post-COVID symptoms and further re-infections.

Worldwide, there are generic ‘me too’ companies making one-to-one copies of original drugs, and there are generic plus innovation driven pharmaceutical companies, like PannonPharma.

The company does repurposing for extension of therapeutical indication of drugs, with well-known API, or added-value reformulation of well-known active pharmaceuticals. These new treatment modalities might be of high value.

The Cultivated Leader

From East to West, Mr J. P. Pallos was pioneering the beautiful epoch where technology meets science.

He had the privilege to start his pharmaceutical industry career at the famous innovation-driven company, Hewlett-Packard Inc’s Analytical Instruments Division, now called Agilent, in 1987. Arriving from the East-Block, he was the funny guy in the focus or interest of the whole company, the first direct HP head-count employee from the communist world. He got the task, to his carrier, from the President of HP during their face-to-face short meeting in Vienna, Austria.

In 1987, John A. Young advised Mr Pallos to conquer Hungary for HP Analytics Instruments. He did that and supplied the best instrumentation and technology from HP Analytic Division to the pharma companies.

By far, separation sciences have played a major role in medical, chemical, material disciplines over the past 50 years. No technology, no scientific progress is accountable without chromatography, electrophoresis, technics, and instrumentation. Progress was made by US-based companies and they are leading the way.

Awards and Accolades

Mr J. P. Pallos was awarded the ‘TOP 100 Hewlett-Packard Employee Award’.

Mr J. P. Pallos is a member of the board of Europharm SMC Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the European Union.

The Pandemic Dictate

A SWOT analysis about the introduction of the pandemic on the global pharma industry specifically, might better explain the effect COVID-19 has had:
Strength – the pharma industry is one of the major role players to have control of the pandemic.

Weakness – means all modalities of treatment shall be carefully investigated. Vaccination, by itself, is not satisfactory to stop the pandemic.

Opportunities – complex problems may require simple solutions for a new paradigm.

Threats – monopolies in the supply of life-saving drugs resulting in weakness in any state defense.

From the point of view of the industry, COVID-19 acts as a kind of catalyst: it accelerates development and digitization processes, facilitates the cooperation of actors, etc. On the other hand, it also causes unforeseen difficulties, such as securing the supply of APIs. Hence, PannonPharma had to expand its manufacturing capacity to meet the needs.

The Future of Pharma

When asked about his views on the future of the pharma industry, Mr J. P. Pallos answered, “The pharma industry is depending highly on health (or ‘wholeness’ as it is defined in the Hungarian language for the word ‘health’) policy. Nowadays, the main interest is generated from diseases management. Soon, the policy shall be that of repurposing pharma industries to health, or more appropriately, to ‘Wholeness’ management. This is the only option for a brilliant future.”

Word to the Wise

For the budding entrepreneurs and professionals aspiring to venture into the pharmaceutical industry, J. P. Pallos has these words of wisdom to share – “One needs to be a good health strategist, not just a good disease manager only. Strategy means to vision, see, plan, do, act for ‘wholeness’, as it is defined in the Hungarian language for the word ‘health’.”

“As far as I can see, this industry is fully regulated, transparent, and predictable. Any reasonable investment will profit in time when the demand is realistic, and supply is structured. And, most importantly, patients are always the first priority,” he added.

A Fortuitous Future Awaits…

Being an R&D company, PannonPharma is looking for R&D partnerships and investors for market development. Its vision is growth by magnitudes.

“There are beautiful markets with immense demands, and we have products to supply the needs. The regulatory to these markets is a very specific one, and we shall run clinical trials, preferably in the US. This is the only growth rate-limiting factor. We intend to out-license some of our products through investment bankers and investors,” concluded the astute CEO of PannonPharma – Mr J. P. Pallos.



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