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Permobil: Redefining the Lives of the Differently-abled

Jon Sintorn | Permobil | Insights Care

Currently, the world is witnessing an evolutionary transformation through digitization, where the scientists and technologists are connecting two different worlds through a bridge of network. The bridge is so strong and precise that one can hardly differentiate between the world of technology and healthcare. These are not two different worlds anymore, rather, it is now one world connecting and complimenting each other. With the influence of technology into the world of healthcare, experts are bringing in abundance of healthcare products to improve human lives and patient care experience. Present scenario suggests that we are in a position where there is an increasing demand to demonstrate not only the products operation safely, but also its effects on clinical outcomes while putting the focus on the patient experience.

With a vision to improve the healthcare industry and patient care experience, Permobil, a leading global company of advanced rehab technology, is working hard to ameliorate human lives with a strong focus on improving the daily lives of people with disabilities. To assist the differently-abled and helping them to be independent enough to go anywhere they wish, the company has designed numerous products based on the needs of the person. With headquarters in Sweden, Permobil has 1500 employees in 17 countries all around the globe. The production sites of this company are spread all over the world, in countries including Sweden, USA, China and France. Founded in 1967, the company has been wholly owned by Patricia Industries, a subsidiary of Investor, since 2013.

Our aim and hope for Permobil is to continue to be a world leader and last forever. We have understood that the company means a lot for those who use our products,” states Permobil.

The Man behind this Extraordinary Vision and Mission to Help

In the year 1967, in Timrå, Sweden, Permobil was incepted by Doctor Per Uddén, Founder of the company. Dr. Per Uddén was an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities, and built the company on an idea that every person with disabilities has the right to have his or her handicap compensated as far as possible to the same technical standard we all use in our everyday lives. He was driven by a passion to find new solutions to the problems he encountered in his work as a doctor. With a unique focus on the patient care, he and his team combined creativity with technology and mechanical ingenuity to write the initial chapter in the Permobil story.

Incredible Products Which Are Helping Disabled to be Able

Most physically disabled people are forced to take somebody else’s help to overcome their disability to do something. To overcome those challenges, most people need support of a wheelchair. Fall accidents, pressure injuries and depression are some of the examples of complications which patients suffer from and treatment as individuals and also becomes a heavy burden for the healthcare system.

To help people overcome such hurdles, Permobil has brought in few incredible products including power wheelchair, manual wheelchairs and seating and positioning solutions. Their models of powered wheelchairs are further divided into three main categories namely, Pediatric, Outdoor and Indoor/Outdoor. The company goes a step ahead of others and conducts a detailed clinical research together with reputed clinicians which creates the value proofs needed for their users and players.

Clinical research builds value proofs to Permobil products, improve patient care and explore new opportunities to address unmet medical or functional needs,” says Karin Leire, Director Clinical Research.

At Permobil, every step is an innovation and every invention is a step towards revolutionizing and improving human lives. Even after making extraordinary contributions to the healthcare industry, the company claims that they are yet to focus ever further to develop chairs and discover digital solutions such as sensors and smart materials to increase the ability to prevent secondary complications. “At present, we are developing new products that further strengthen our users’ ability to control and interact with their surroundings in spite of their disabilities. We are also working on our advanced seating systems to become even greater, and a way to enhance the quality of life for the user. The future looks exciting – both for us and our customers,” states Martinus Rönnerman, Director Group Communications at Permobil.

Creating Positive Impact on the Lives of People with Disabilities

For half a century, Permobil is developing products that are making positive impacts on the mobility and daily lives of people with disabilities. Permobil’s incredible products offer people with disabilities the opportunity to lead active and independent lives. The team of designers at Permobil is highly dedicated and filled with thoughts about the person who will be using that and that’s what is their secret behind their perfection.

All its products are medically justified and individually configured. The company works with complex technical challenges but in a creative, fast-moving and international setting.



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