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Peter Ogutu – A Progressive Leader in the Global Broadcasting Niche

Peter Ogutu
Mr. Peter Ogutu | Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) | A Progressive Leader in the Global Broadcasting Niche

Passion and hard work are the elements that, once mixed, initiate the solution to success. For the achievement of it, one requires absolute devotion and strong will. A will that is possessed by everyone, but only some have the ability to see and use. The spirit of never giving up is the key to the door that has been shut for ages.

Breaking the ordinary benchmark and opening the doors that have been the roadblock to success is an extraordinary and multitalented person—Mr. Peter Ogutu, Producer/Director at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) who, believes in hard work and creativity.

KBC has a goal to provide leadership in the transmission of objective, informative, educative, and entertaining content to the public through high-quality broadcasts and with the progressive leadership of its Director.

Mr. Ogutu learned about his skills and potential at a very young age, and since then, he has never looked back. He has been using his strengths as a shield to eliminate the obstacles that have been in his way.

What could be the primary strengthening elements?

Let’s merge into the interview to find out:

Please shed some light on your leadership journey as a Producer/Director.

No Journey in life is ever smooth, and mine is not different because I have risen in the ranks from being an intern, sound boomer, scriptwriter, and actor then to finally being a producer/ director. I am living proof that hard work, patience, and creativity really pay off.

What was the inspiration that prompted you to venture into the media niche?

Media is one of the most powerful instruments of communication. I have always believed in making change and empowering people. I believe in the power of one, that one person, one action, can have a ripple effect that can make a difference.

Being a Producer/Director at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, how do you envision growing your network operations into the broadcasting niche?

Being a state corporation, KBC enjoyed monopoly status for over six decades. However, liberalization of the airwaves in the 1990s saw the licensing of more broadcasting stations thus introducing competition and growth in the industry, and this growth has given rise to various digital TV shows and online stations, as KBC we are bridging the gap by also going digital via our website and YouTube channel to retain our audience who switched to the various platforms.

How does your medium of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation help spread healthcare awareness and thus positively impact the healthcare space in Kenya?

As the National broadcaster, it is our mandate to educate and spread awareness on healthcare and we do this through our various TV and Radio health shows like Health talk, and Health Tuesday, just to mention a few hence making the nation aware of the current health situations or pandemics and how to manage and cope with them.

From the initial times of your career, what were the challenges you faced, and enlist us the professional hacks that helped you become the grand success that you are today?

I started my career in an era where young people were never heard because people believed in the older generation, I had to prove my worth before I was finally given a chance, I hacked all these by learning from others, accepting my flaws, taking corrections, training as much as I could, believing in myself, having a target, not giving up, being at your best even when everything is not working out for you.

Can you share how KBC provides leadership in transmitting objective, informative, educative content and how it has made you ramp up your growth curve?

KBC is the oldest and first station in Kenya, It has seen nearly 85% of the professionals in the current media industry in Kenya, and it’s the best media training ground in the country, I am the best because KBC took me in and turned me inside out to be where I am today.

As a successful leader in the media space, what is your opinion on integrating technology with healthcare, which is currently grabbing the global spotlight?

Yes, we are in a digital era, but when it comes to healthcare I am of the opinion that we keep it old school and go back to hospitals because nowadays people are dying slowly because they are busy googling their sickness and diagnosing themselves and it’s not good because you may end up treating something that’s not even ailing you.

Please give us your valuable input about the future of the broadcasting niche for budding enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the media space.

Broadcasting is going digital and online, so I would like to tell anyone who wants to join this Industry not to start this journey thinking of how much money you are going to make in this industry because it is not a walk in the park, you have to work hard, have the passion to do this, be open to changes because of the current trends.

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