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Pristyn Care Faces Patient Criticism After Claims of a Surgical Push

Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care, a healthcare startup with Sequoia and Tiger Global as backers, is currently facing allegations from patients who assert that the company is coercing them into undergoing surgeries. These patients also claim that the performance of the company’s doctors is judged based on their ability to convert consultations into surgical procedures. Pristyn Care’s operational model involves collaborating with hospitals to lease vital facilities like operating rooms. The company relies on a combination of digital marketing and a substantial sales team to convert online inquiries into medical consultations and surgeries across diverse specialties such as gynecology, ENT, urology, orthopedics, and dentistry. Unlike emergency surgeries, the procedures in question are elective and are planned in advance, often after patients consult multiple physicians.

An illustrative case reported by Mint recounts the experience of a 47-year-old bank employee named Amita Panchal. She underwent a procedure suggested by Pristyn Care involving the insertion of an intragastric balloon. However, she encountered persistent discomfort and pain following the operation, prompting her family to request its removal. An endoscopy was performed, but tragically, Amita passed away shortly thereafter.

The family claims that the delay in balloon removal was intentional, but Pristyn Care’s founder, Harsimarbir Singh, refutes this notion. Singh asserts that the pre-authorization process was completed well ahead of the procedure, dispelling any notion of insurance-related delays. He highlights the comprehensive evaluation process for surgeries, involving thorough assessments of medical history, risks, and conditions, along with transparent communication and consent. Pristyn Care’s surgeries undergo evaluation by a 60-member medical directorate team, boasting a commendable digital Net Promoter Score of 62.

Singh emphasizes the company’s robust patient support network, comprising over 1200 members who guide patients through various stages of care. Notably, no formal complaint against Pristyn Care has been lodged by the deceased’s family. The company’s delayed financial statements for the fiscal year 2022 are expected to be filed by the deadline of September 30, 2023.

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