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Pulse Oximeter – sales surge all time high.

Pulse Oximeter

The impulsive surge in the COVID 19 cases has eventually boosted the demand for pulse oximeters. The sales on the oximeter have increased but Indian manufacturers still have a complained about the zero customs duty on medical devices to tackle the infection. This situation has led to the market being flooded with imports and this has begun to start cutting into the current market shares.

This situation has also raised questions about the dependence on China with regards to the components. This also pointed towards the lack of effective regulation and certification for the particular device that measures the oxygen levels in the blood. This is a key parameter that has been flagged since the onset of COVID.

Delhi, the capital city, has cases that are nearing 1.1. lakh mark and the government had ordered 65,000 pieces of which 59,000 have been delivered.



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