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Regenerative Tissue Science: Revolutionizing the Healthcare Professional Industry

Regenerative Tissue Science
Regenerative Tissue Science | LLC

The healthcare sector has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by technological advancements, evolving patient needs, and changing regulatory landscapes. Regenerative Tissue Science, LLC is the powerhouse responsible for supplying breakthrough products to the esteemed healthcare professional industry. Operating as an independent subsidiary under the ownership of ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc., RTS boasts an exceptional sales team meticulously trained to engage with healthcare professionals.

With ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc. actively engaged in diverse areas such as clinical trials, claim development, and the ownership of ZyCal Bioceuticals Manufacturing Co., LLC., the company’s visionary leadership recognized the significance of establishing a dedicated entity focused solely on catering to the needs of doctors and healthcare professionals.

At the helm of the integrated healthcare empire stands ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc., orchestrating a seamless integration of its various subsidiary companies. Chief among these is ZyCal Bioceuticals Manufacturing Co., LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary exclusively dedicated to the meticulous manufacturing and production of the revolutionary Cyplexinol® ingredients. These include the consumer-focused Cyplexinol® Standard and the specialized Cyplexinol® Pro, tailored specifically to healthcare professionals’ discerning needs.

Journey to Revolutionize Bone and Joint Health

ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc. has a clear objective: to enhance the quality of people’s lives by offering cutting-edge bone and joint products. Guided by a distinguished Scientific Advisory Board comprising influential figures in Regenerative Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery, the company has sparked a movement that provides unparalleled resources and expert guidance for individuals at every stage of their bone, joint, and muscle health journey. Committed to its mission, ZyCal Bioceuticals is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and educational services to healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers alike.

At the heart of ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc. lies innovation and collaboration, which serve as the foundation of its entrepreneurial spirit and business model. This commitment to innovation is evident not only in its state-of-the-art technology, products, and talented workforce, but also in its emphasis on cultivating partnerships with healthcare professionals and their patients. By fostering these collaborations, ZyCal Bioceuticals strives to advance its mission and drive positive change in the field of bone and joint health.

The Visionary

James J. Scaffidi, the CEO and President of ZyCal Bioceuticals, embarked on a remarkable personal journey that began during his undergraduate years as a Biochemistry major. In a highly selective research honors program, James was among the fortunate 20-30 students chosen each year. This program provided a unique opportunity to experience the work of graduate-level students and allowed James to delve into a specific project under the guidance of a research professor.

During his undergraduate studies, James focused his research on protein purification and enzyme kinetics. His primary objective was to unravel the binding site of a crucial enzyme, elucidating the order in which molecules bind and contribute to mapping an essential portion of the enzyme’s active binding site. This endeavor captivated James, but he also nurtured a passion for the business realm. Leveraging his scientific expertise, he entered the realm of pharmaceutical sales and specialized in marketing esoteric neurological diagnostic testing.

As James continued to progress in his career, he transitioned into brand management and marketing. It was during this time that an opportunity arose in the field of orthopedics, inviting James to spearhead the repositioning of a flagship brand specializing in osteobiologics—products promoting bone and cartilage growth. Immersed in this role, James discovered a protein complex of tremendous fascination. This protein complex formed the basis for the groundbreaking science and products developed by ZyCal Bioceuticals.


Bone density and overall good health are uniquely united ways people never realized as researchers are discovering that low or poor bone health is attributed to many poor health conditions. And after 50, especially in post-menopausal women, this relationship and slide-by-slide decline is exacerbated by the decline in estrogen levels.

But first, one needs to understand how bone health intertwines with cognitive health, muscle health, joint health, GI health, and even cardiovascular health. All of these systems in our body require calcium to function properly. In 2021, researchers published findings that healthy calcium levels and metabolism are required to maintain healthy neuron and cognitive function. The mitochondrial (the cell’s powerhouse) and calcium metabolism are not functioning correctly, this impacts muscle and neuronal activity correlating with cognitive decline and disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

In short, the human body’s finely tuned machines with each system rely upon calcium metabolism. But good, healthy calcium metabolism starts with good bone tissue. Bone tissue (the collagen fibers bundled together within bone) are essential for calcium and other minerals to bind. Without healthy, adequate amounts of bone tissue, calcium cannot be stored properly which leads to poor bone health and more importantly, overall poor health.

In post-menopausal women, as estrogen declines, so does other key signaling molecules known as growth factors, which are responsible for bone tissue to grow through the remodeling process. Remodeling is the natural process of the human body’s breaking down and getting rid of old bone (minerals and bone tissue) and replacing it with healthy new bone tissue that the human body makes and then fortifies it with new calcium. “When we are young, this process tilts in favor of making more bone than it breaks down and so our bones grow. But as we age, especially post-menopausal women, we lose estrogen and we lose the growth factors which signal our body to remodel bone, resulting in less bone tissue made than is broken down and can lead to poor bone health.”

Despite how much calcium post-menopausal women take, it will not grow bone, recalling that calcium’s function is to stick to, or fortify bone tissue. Our poor calcium metabolism not only impacts our bone health but impacts our GI health as calcium is needed to help balance the acid in our stomach. Post-menopausal women need to find ways to get their bone tissue growth by replacing the vital growth factors that they lose with age.

Unlocking the Power of BMP-Complex

ZyCal Bioceuticals specializes in manufacturing products that exclusively contain a BMP-Complex. As previously explained, BMPs (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins) are the only natural growth factors that have been scientifically proven to promote bone tissue growth in various settings, including surgical procedures, laboratory animals, test tubes, and naturally within our own bodies.

Endogenous BMPs are the natural agents responsible for building bone tissue in the human body, allowing calcium to adhere effectively. In contrast, most other bone health supplements on the market are calcium-based and lack the crucial BMPs that are uniquely present in Ostinol® products.

The Ostinol® product line offers a range of strengths to cater to different bone health needs. Additionally, a premium product called Ostinol® Insta JOINT has been introduced to support optimal joint health. This particular product contains three clinically tested ingredients that target multiple pathways within the body. This results in noticeable joint comfort improvement within just five days thanks to the inclusion of ApresFLEX®.

The inclusion of ApresFLEX® in Ostinol® Insta JOINT, along with other carefully selected ingredients, works synergistically to provide comprehensive joint support and enhance overall joint comfort. ZyCal Bioceuticals is committed to offering innovative solutions that address the diverse needs of individuals seeking to maintain strong bones and healthy joints.

Customizable Regenerative Supplements for Lifelong Wellness

All Ostinol® brand products are conveniently packaged in size zero capsules, which are typically medium to small gelatin capsules. The recommended dosage for most Ostinol® products is one capsule per day, unless you are using Ostinol® Insta JOINT, which may require 2-4 capsules per day.

One of the remarkable aspects of Ostinol® is its long-term safety profile which allows individuals to incorporate it into their daily routine for a lifetime. It is designed to be a safe and reliable supplement for continuous use. It’s worth noting that individual experiences may vary depending on the specific Ostinol® product being used. Many users have reported feeling a noticeable difference within just one hour after taking four capsules of Ostinol® Insta JOINT, even though the clinical studies recommend a five-day timeframe for optimal results due to the presence of ApresFLEX®.

These personal accounts of quick response times highlight the potential effectiveness of Ostinol® products. However, it is important to follow the recommended dosage and consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on the appropriate use of Ostinol® products based on individual circumstances.

Mastering the Art of Innovation

James notes that reaching today’s health-conscious customers is a challenge compared to previous generations. In the past, health products were primarily sold in pharmacies, health stores, and later in supermarkets. However, the modern customer shops differently, with online ordering, dedicated shoppers, and platforms like Amazon. Delivering a brand’s message is faster now through bloggers, but also harder due to the customer being present in multiple places.

James advises enthusiasts aiming to revolutionize the field of Innovative Regenerative Medicine. The first key to success is to possess proprietary technology and secure sufficient funding. In today’s information-rich environment, creating a new brand or product line is exceptionally challenging. With consumers having instant access to information through the internet, podcasts, websites, online retailers, and bloggers, it becomes increasingly difficult for newcomers to capture attention and establish credibility.

Advancing Healthcare Through Clinical Trials

ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc. is dedicated to conducting extensive research through clinical trials. The company has sponsored numerous studies in collaboration with universities and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). One of its recently published studies, released in March, marks the beginning of a series of three trials. The second trial, focused on joint health, was successfully concluded in June 2023.

Clinical trials play a crucial role in setting ZyCal Bioceuticals and its ingredients apart by providing the scientific and clinical rigor that discerning, health-conscious consumers seek. The team understands the expectations and demands of these informed individuals who look for nothing less than an ultra-premium product.

In the coming months and beyond, ZyCal is actively planning additional clinical trials. Furthermore, the company is expanding its product line to encompass musculoskeletal regenerative health, demonstrating its commitment to advancing in this field.



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