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Rendering Sophisticated Data Security Solutions to Leading Healthcare Enterprises

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Healthcare has witnessed extensive digitization in the recent years. Although this has remarkably transformed the services in healthcare, it comes with a challenging side-effect: risk of information security. Healthcare has been one of the prime targets for cybercriminals; and with the healthcare data being very sensitive in nature, this is a major concern. It is of immense significance that the healthcare companies be aware and implement the best practices to secure the information of their patients as well as the organization.

With the impending risk in the mind, to assist healthcare organizations to prevent data security breaches, we bring you the “The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers” issue. In this issue, we are presenting to you some of the prominent companies and healthcare solution providers, who have successfully helped the industry to protect the patients’ information and other critical healthcare data against the ever-rising cyber-attacks.



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