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Reopening after the COVID-19 scare is creating new anxieties

COVID-19 scare is creating new anxieties

Now that over 42.6% of the population in the U.S. is fully vaccinated with 61.5% of the population over age 12 have taken at least one dose, the country is now ready to go back to near normal. Most states have lifted lockdown restrictions with people returning to their offices full-time.

However, even after getting fully vaccinated many people are anxious to return to work. While talking to CNN about the same, clinical psychologist Vaile Wright who is the senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association said that “we know that a lot of things are going to look different at hospitals, schools, and workplaces, but how much different we don’t know that yet.”

Wright mentioned an APA survey conducted earlier this year that found that half of the adult population, both vaccinated and unvaccinated reportedly felt anxiety or discomfort to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle.

Wright recommended few easy steps for people feeling anxious such as going to a grocery store or having a meal with a small group of people to help them return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle.



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