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Researchers Claim That a Third Person to be Cured from HIV Following a Stem Cell Transplant


The patient in Germany received the transplant to help treat a blood disorder, leukemia, that had developed accompanied by his HIV infection, and he has not relapsed after four years of not taking anti-retroviral medication. Researchers have announced that a stem cell transplant has cured a man of HIV.

Comprehensive Overview

The 53-year-old patient is only the third person to be cured of the condition with the treatment. He appears to be the fifth person to be healed in total. He had not used anti-retroviral drugs or suppressants in four years and had not relapsed.

The man in Dusseldorf, like the other two stem cell transplant patients, one in Berlin and one in London, had the transplant to treat a blood disorder, leukemia, that had developed alongside the HIV infection.

He is in good health more than ten years after the transplant and additional four years after completing his HIV treatment. He said, “This Valentine’s Day, I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. My donor was present as a special guest of honor.”

The absence of the virus results from extensive scientific and therapeutic preparation and monitoring. According to the researchers, add the study that is long and most precise diagnostic monitoring of a patient following a stem cell transplant.

A transplant is a surgical procedure that destroys unhealthy blood cells while replacing them with healthy ones extracted from blood or bone marrow. Due to the high risk involved, transplants are only performed when treating other life-threatening conditions.

End Note

The team, led by doctors from Dusseldorf University Hospital, hopes the information they have gathered will aid future research into HIV cures.

Experts believe that research should be expanded to aid HIV patients in overcoming infections without the need for such strenuous intervention in the future.

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