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The Rising Significance of Medical and Clinical Laboratories

Medical and Clinical Laboratories | Insights Care

Hospitals and clinical laboratories work hand in hand. When a patient is suffering from an infection or illness, he first runs to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. After a check-up, the doctor predicts what the infection or disease is. It is said that doctors’ prediction can be 70% confirmatory while 30% of the confirmation is provided by the various clinical tests. The clinical reports are then analyzed and the patient is further treated depending on the report.

Today, there are numerous types of tests that have to be done depending on the symptoms. The pathology domain is mainly divided into two major groups viz, anatomic pathology and clinical pathology. Anatomic pathology mainly deals with histopathology, cytopathology, and electron microscopy while clinical pathology has many subdomains like clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology. As these form the basis of diagnostics, clinical laboratories can be called asthe right hand of the healthcare industry.

In our issue, ‘The 10 Best Medical and Clinical Laboratories to Watch for 2019’, we have featured the most outstanding laboratories that are transforming he diagnostics space with high-tech lab equipments and superlative approach. We have highlighted the inspiring stories of Aspenti Health, a diagnostic health company designed to address population health for substance use management; DNAfit, a health and wellness company that is using genetic science to improve the health outlook for millions of people; Diamond Medical Laboratory, a prominent laboratory that delivers high quality and cost-effective care through its highly trained professional staff; San Diego Reference Laboratory (SDRL), a full-service, client-focused analytical biomedical testing laboratory that delivers comprehensive clinical and drug testing toxicology services. Covance; Northeast Laboratoy Services; Unilabs; MedLabs; PGD Labs; and Serosep Diagnostics.



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