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Sahyadri Hospitals: Shedding Light on Lives through Expertise and Commitment

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Sahyadri Hospitals is not just known for being the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra, but also for the approach, where it brings in the best of experts in multiple specialities and the most advanced technologies to provide a ray of hope—to give people the lifeline of possibilities, even in the most difficult cases.

Sahyadri Group of Hospitals started its journey of possibilities towards making world-class healthcare available in Western India. The hospital was founded in the year 2004 on the robust foundation of expertise of Dr. Charudutt Apte. In the last decade, the chain of hospitals has expanded to several specialities and has always been at the forefront of providing precise diagnosis, better treatment and care.

Sahyadri Hospitals is a hub of quaternary care and a leading referral centre for multiple specialities such as Neurosurgeries, Haematology, Cardiac Sciences and Organ Transplants, which makes it easier for patients and their families to find all the care they need under one roof. The team comprises experts that very few other hospitals can match. Multi-disciplinary teams are available round the clock at Sahyadri Group of Hospitals, which ensures that no detail is missed while handling a patient at any point in time.

Sahyadri Group of Hospitals has been acclaimed for its renowned contributions to the medical industry in India. Below-mentioned achievements are a few among them:

  • Stands as one of the most successful Bone Marrow Transplant Centres in India
  • Fastest growing Liver Transplant Centre in Western India
  • Busiest Centre for Complex Neurosurgeries
  • Performs the highest number of CT Angiographies in Asia
  • Among the few units to have high-end Molecular & Medical Genetics facility
  • Ranked among the best hospitals of India

Leader Holding the Reins

Dr. Charudutt Apte is the mastermind behind the success of the ever emerging Sahyadri Hospitals. He is a renowned Neurosurgeon, who serves as the Chairman & Managing Director of Sahyadri Hospitals Ltd since January, 2004. He is responsible for Sahyadri Hospital’s management and also oversees the hospital’s activities while initiating unique targets and achieving accomplishments at various levels.

Dr. Apte is well interested in supporting social causes and has immensely contributed towards helping the poor. He started the Samavedana Charity Fund in April 2003 with an aim to provide free treatments to the poor. Samavedana has successfully attempted to involve medical fraternity and society at large to help the needy ones and pools contributions from the society. The fund has helped thousands of people to gain access to free and quality treatments. Dr. Apte has also spearheaded the Senior Citizen Health Scheme under the specialty care of Sahyadri Hospitals. Under the scheme, Senior Citizens of Pune who are not covered under any medical insurance are provided with free-treatments. His social work has gained him various laurels and awards.

Dr. Apte culminated his graduation as a Neurosurgeon from Madras University in the year 1983. His brilliance in academics also gained him the Best Outgoing Student award from Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College, Pune in the year 1976.

In his free time, Dr. Apte loves spending time with his family. His wife Dr. Jayshree Apte serves as the Executive Director and leads the operations at Sahyadri Hospitals. Dr. Apte’s son—Dr. Ketan Apte heads the flagship hospital of Sahyadri Group, while his daughter is a film actress. Dr. Apte also loves indulging in reading and travelling during his leisure time.

The Success Saga

Sahyadri Hospitals is the brainchild of Dr. Charudutt Apte, who is its Chairman & Managing Director. After the realization of his dream project “Sahyadri Speciality Hospital” at Deccan Gymkhana Pune, in 2004, the chain rapidly spread across Maharashtra. From a humble beginning to the largest chain in Maharashtra, Sahyadri Hospitals has grown to 8 Hospitals with 800 beds, 700 clinicians, and 2,300 supporting staff. Apart from this the group has a State of art Lab, Clinical research centre & an Academics Institute.

Evergreen Innovations

  • In 1991, developed the first indigenous stereotactic equipment to treat deep seated brain tumours
  • In 1995, developed a low-cost subarachnoid screw to measure intracranial pressure in patients with serious brain injury
  • In 1996, developed the first indigenous Radio Frequency Lesion Generator to treat conditions such as intractable pain and Parkinson’s disease
  • 1st in India to introduce Intra-operative CT scanner
  • 1st in State to introduce Ozone Neucleolysis for slip disc

Sahyadri Group understands the importance of technology plus believes that it can be of no use with the absence of experts. “That is why we don’t just upgrade to the latest technologies but we have experts who understand how to make the best of it to diagnose and to treat patients so that our patients don’t go through difficulties to find solutions when their health is already giving them a tough time”, states Dr. Apte.

Greatest Project

Sahyadri Hospitals are designed with detailed attention to patient convenience, which takes it to an all-new level. At the same time, the focus has been on process efficiency and service profile requirements.

The team says that the overall aim is to make the design of hospital both welcoming and patient-driven without compromising on quality. “We also realize that patient care is not just about patient anymore, it’s about their family too”, says Dr. Apte.

On inquiring about the greatest project of Sahyadri Group of Hospitals so far, Dr. Apte asserted, “Our newly launched hospital in Pune is thoughtfully planned along with the hospital’s operations team after doing a need gap analysis of the Pune healthcare scenario. It brings some of the features for the first time in Pune matching global standards. It is planned and made to be a facility that will be valued for its thoughtfulness.”

Tactics that Tackled Trials

Expertise across multiple specialties, upper hand in solving complicated cases, an ever-evolving customer experience and technological advancements are just some of the pillars on which the brand Sahyadri Hospital stands on. The group emphasizes on creating a large chain of hospitals so that efficient and reliable healthcare become possible for everyone at any time.

The Group is creating matchless experts and expert teams so that finding hope even in the toughest of situations becomes a possibility. It is also upgrading to the latest technology available so that the patients don’t face any difficulty to find solutions. At the same time, they stand as the flag bearers of hope when most hospitals say ‘No’ and they handle those cases successfully. Dr. Apte adds, “We take pride in bringing equality of service in healthcare by providing expert care to the needy, irrespective of their income, caste or nationality”.

Believe in Possibilities

The healthcare provided at Sahyadri is comparable to the best in the world—a dream with which the journey began. But like dreams, possibilities are endless, especially in the field of medical science. The industry is ever-advancing and Sahyadri is playing an active role in this development. The hospital is not only treating patients but also educating doctors to become better experts and provide better healthcare. From IVF to organ transplants, from Oncology to Neurosurgeries, the hospital is treading on the path of accomplishing possibilities. The objective is to spread wellness along with happiness. “With a reputation of over 14 years preceding us, we have a backbone for our belief in possibilities and our patients’ belief in us”, quotes Dr. Apte.

Not just touching people’s lives, but hearts too.

Numerous persons vouch for Sahyadri Hospital’s top-notch treatment and care. Few among them are:

Mrs. Nirmala Purandare (81 years) said, “I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I needed help for almost everything. I stayed at Sahyadri for two months. Dr. Dange and her colleagues planned an exercise schedule for me and provided me with good guidance and confidence, which ensured my rapid recovery. The doctors consistently followed up on my progress at regular intervals. Gradually I started doing daily chores on my own and living life to the fullest. Thanks to Dr. Dange and the Sahyadri Hospital for giving me back the life I wanted.”

Mr. Ulhas Ghare, 60 years, was suffering from a Paralysis attack and was treated at Sahyadri. “I had suffered from a Paralysis attack. I was moved to the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre at Sahyadri. The doctors there were extremely optimistic about my recovery. For the next three months, we followed a strict exercise regimen, after which I sat up on my bed by myself. Eventually, I started walking with a stick, joined work and even went abroad. Everyone at the Sahyadri Hospital was extremely professional & courteous and as an anxious patient, this is all that I needed,” he said.



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