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ShaurMeals: A Family-Friendly Fast-Food, Attempting to Break Stereotypes and Win Customers’ Hearts


In the tapestry of culinary delights, one dish stands out as a symbol of cultural fusion and gastronomic exploration – Shawarma. Yet, for many years, Shawarma carried the weight of stereotypes and misconceptions—implying low-quality or unhealthy fast-food options—particularly during the 90s. Its acceptance within the cultural landscape was limited. It is within this backdrop that ShaurMeals, a fast-food franchise emerged, redefining Shawarma and infusing it with elements of aesthetics, cleanliness, and irresistible flavor.

In the bustling streets of the 90s, the word “Shawarma” was associated with poor quality control, giving rise to unwarranted jokes and concerns about its origins. However, ShaurMeals took on the challenge of reshaping these perceptions, recognizing the immense potential within Shawarma to be a delectable, culturally diverse experience. With a profound appreciation for the art of dining, ShaurMeals embarked on a mission to transform Shawarma into a culinary marvel that embodies the essence of aesthetics, cleanliness, and tantalizing taste.

At the core of ShaurMeals’ vision lies an unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo and embracing the cultural significance of Shawarma. By elevating Shawarma from its previous limitations, ShaurMeals has infused the concept with a newfound sense of artistry, ensuring that every aspect, from the visual presentation to the meticulous cleanliness, reflects the company’s devotion to creating an exceptional dining experience.

The philosophy of ShaurMeals revolves around the concept of “Aesthetic, Clean, and Tasty” Shawarma. This revolutionary approach has transcended the stereotypes of the past, transforming Shawarma into a culinary treasure that unites cultures and tantalizes taste buds. By meticulously curating an ambiance that harmonizes contemporary aesthetics with cultural authenticity, ShaurMeals invites patrons to savor not just the flavors but the entire sensory journey of Shawarma.

ShaurMeals recognizes that the essence of culture is embedded in every bite, and their commitment to cleanliness is unwavering. From the selection of premium ingredients to the rigorous adherence to hygiene standards, ShaurMeals has reimagined Shawarma as an experience that indulges both the palate and the soul. With meticulous attention to detail, they have woven together a tapestry of flavors and textures that surpass expectations, embracing Shawarma as a canvas for culinary innovation.

As the cultural landscape evolves, so does ShaurMeals. Their dedication to taste is evident in every element of their menu, from the thoughtfully crafted flavor profiles to the introduction of diverse options to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. By continually pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, ShaurMeals ensures that its offerings are an ode to the evolving palate of its customers, catering to both traditional and contemporary cravings.

Join us as we embark on a journey that celebrates the transformation of Shawarma within the cultural context. Through the vision of ShaurMeals, Shawarma emerges as a symbol of cultural fusion, artful presentation, impeccable cleanliness, and tantalizing taste.

Together, let us delve into the captivating world of ShaurMeals, where aesthetics, cleanliness, and taste converge to redefine the Shawarma experience.

About ShaurMeals: A Modern Shawarma Street Food Franchise Redefining Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Dining

ShaurMeals is not just your ordinary street food franchise; it is a culinary revolution that has taken the concept of shawarma to new heights. Its mission is simple yet impactful: to provide customers with a quick, healthy, and delicious eat-in experience that breaks free from the ordinary.

Established in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize the street food scene, ShaurMeals quickly gained recognition for its dedication to quality, diverse menu options, and commitment to customer satisfaction. In 2018, it embarked on a franchising journey, spreading its unique concept far and wide. Today, ShaurMeals operates in 33 locations, with 9 under its ownership and 24 thriving as successful franchises.

In 2015, Chekareva Olga, the CEO of ShaurMeals, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first restaurant. Recognizing the scarcity of establishments that offered a combination of fast and delicious food, excellent service, and high-quality products in her city, she was driven by a passion to fill this gap in the market. With each passing year, Chekareva and her dedicated team of specialists accumulated invaluable experience, nurturing a desire to expand their reach and create a network of exceptional dining establishments.

It was from this aspiration that ShaurMeals, a street food franchise with distinctive advantages, was born. Fueled by their passion for providing a unique dining experience, Chekareva and her team set out to establish ShaurMeals as a rapidly growing presence in numerous cities. Through their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, the brand ensures that customers can indulge in a satisfying meal without compromising on taste or speed. Additionally, the emphasis on providing exceptional service elevates the overall eating experience, setting ShaurMeals apart from the competition.

As ShaurMeals expands its network of franchise locations, the brand’s vision continues to thrive. Through its proven business model, comprehensive support systems and a strong emphasis on quality control, ShaurMeals offers an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a successful venture in the food industry. By joining the ShaurMeals franchise family, business owners can tap into a proven concept, benefiting from the accumulated expertise and ongoing growth of a brand that has won the hearts of countless guests.

Breaking Cultural Stereotypes:

ShaurMeals, positioned as “Cultural Shawarma,” has emerged as a groundbreaking fast-food concept that seeks to challenge stereotypes and revolutionize the perception of shawarma. Inspired by a desire to provide people with a delicious, quick, and aesthetically pleasing snack, ShaurMeals embodies a vision that encompasses health, aesthetics, and quality.

In an era where shawarma had endured a reputation of being disregarded since the 1990s, ShaurMeals set out to transform this culinary delight into a symbol of style, wellness, and gastronomic satisfaction. By defying conventions, ShaurMeals successfully created new associations, showcasing that shawarma can be a culinary masterpiece that marries taste with balance.

At the core of Shaurmeals is a commitment to cater to individuals who value aesthetics, cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle. The concept resonates not only with men but also with mothers, families, and advocates of wholesome eating. ShaurMeals has crafted a menu that reflects this commitment, offering a wide range of options, including dietary and children’s choices, as well as vegan shawarma. With a focus on constant innovation, ShaurMeals frequently introduces new items and evolves the composition of sauces to tantalize the taste buds of their loyal customers.

Since its inception in February 2016, with the opening of the first small kiosk in a residential area of Irkutsk, ShaurMeals has gained remarkable acclaim. Every aspect, from meticulous attention to detail in aesthetics and packaging, has captivated customers from day one. The resounding success of ShaurMeals is evident by the presence of queues of eager patrons who have embraced the stylish, healthy, and delectable food offered. During peak seasons, the revenue surged to an impressive 40,000 rubles per day, translating to over 1 million rubles per month. Such remarkable achievements allowed the initial investment in the location to be recouped within a mere four months.

ShaurMeals Menu: A Personalized Customer Experience

ShaurMeals distinguishes itself from most chains by catering to a diverse target audience that extends beyond the limitations of a fixed menu. Unlike many others, their menu offers a range of options, typically consisting of 14 to 18 positions, tailored to accommodate various dietary preferences and tastes. This inclusivity allows ShaurMeals to appeal to a wide range of individuals, including children, vegans, calorie-conscious individuals, and those seeking more indulgent flavors.

A notable feature that sets ShaurMeals apart is the opportunity for customers to personalize their shawarma experience. With a detailed approach to their work, ShaurMeals enables customers to become shawarma designers, allowing them to customize their orders by adding, replacing, or excluding specific ingredients according to their preferences. This level of flexibility and customization reflects ShaurMeals’ commitment to delivering a truly personalized dining experience.

The meticulous curation of ShaurMeals’ menu is another aspect that contributes to the brand’s success. The menu was expertly compiled by a renowned chef, the recipient of the prestigious Chef a la Russe competition. This collaboration ensures that the flavors and combinations offered by ShaurMeals are crafted with culinary excellence and innovation.

Contrary to assumptions, the chef’s expertise does not rely solely on exquisite delicacies. Instead, he focuses on selecting ordinary ingredients that resonate with people’s preferences, resulting in a loyal customer base that keeps returning for their favorite types of shawarma.

The menu’s standards, upheld by ShaurMeals franchisees, are designed to be relatively easy to comply with. While maintaining consistent quality across all locations, ShaurMeals closely monitors franchise operations. Regular evaluations are conducted, often employing mystery shoppers to assess performance. This meticulous oversight ensures that the franchisees adhere to the established standards. In cases where deviations or defects are identified, ShaurMeals actively works with franchisees to rectify any issues and align them with the brand’s quality expectations.

By collaborating with a highly skilled chef and implementing a robust monitoring system, ShaurMeals maintains its commitment to delivering exceptional taste and consistent quality across its franchise network. The combination of successful flavor combinations, ease of preparation, and stringent quality control measures contributes to the overall success and reputation of the ShaurMeals brand.

To further enhance customer convenience, ShaurMeals provides an intuitive app that allows guests to place their shawarma orders in advance. By utilizing the app, customers can select their desired options and have their shawarma prepared and ready for pickup upon their arrival. This seamless integration of technology into the ordering process demonstrates ShaurMeals’ commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Innovation and Expansion

ShaurMeals’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction extends beyond the physical dining experience. With the introduction of the ShaurMeals app, they have revolutionized the way customers engage with their brand. The app serves as a powerful marketing tool, providing partners with access to a range of features that enhance guest attraction and communication.

One of the key functionalities of the ShaurMeals app is its loyalty system, designed to attract and reward guests. Through this system, customers can accumulate points and enjoy exclusive benefits, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty. Additionally, the app facilitates seamless communication between ShaurMeals and its customers, creating a channel for valuable feedback and enhancing the overall dining experience.

The app’s advertising capabilities are another significant aspect of its functionality. Through push notifications, ShaurMeals can effectively communicate with customers, keeping them informed about promotions, new menu items, and special events. This direct and personalized approach ensures that customers remain engaged and connected to the brand.

One of the standout features of the ShaurMeals app is its convenience in ordering and payment processes. Guests can easily place their orders through the app, specifying the time and location for pickup or delivery. The app streamlines the payment process, allowing customers to make secure transactions within the app itself, eliminating the need to wait in lines or handle physical currency.

The ShaurMeals app not only provides convenience but also enhances visibility and accessibility for users. With a wide range of mouthwatering shawarma options showcased through vibrant photos, customers can explore and customize their orders with ease. The app boasts an extensive selection of over 1,000 shawarma combinations, ensuring that every customer can find their perfect match. Moreover, the app’s availability on both Android and iOS platforms ensures that it can cater to a broad user base, making it accessible to a wide range of digital device users.

Through the ShaurMeals app, the company has truly embraced the digital era, leveraging technology to enhance the dining experience and connect with its valued customers. By providing a platform that combines convenience, customization, and connectivity, ShaurMeals has established itself as a trailblazer in the fast-casual dining industry, redefining the way people enjoy shawarma and fostering a strong bond between the brand and its loyal patrons.

Redefining Shawarma Through Franchise Expansion

The success of ShaurMeals’ initial location paved the way for an exciting new chapter in the company’s journey – the launch of a franchise model. Recognizing the immense potential for growth and expansion, the idea to open similar establishments in other locations was presented by the landlord. Seizing the opportunity, ShaurMeals swiftly transitioned from a single food cart to a full-fledged cafe, solidifying its presence in the culinary landscape.

In October, a strategically positioned spot in the city center, bustling with a high flow of visitors, further cemented ShaurMeals’ standing. The concept of franchising became a natural progression, driven by the growing recognition and demand from tourists traveling to Lake Baikal. As these visitors experienced the unique flavors and ambiance of ShaurMeals, they expressed a desire to replicate the concept in their localities. Inspired by this interest, the founder, Chekareva Olga, delved into the intricacies of franchising, meticulously studying every aspect and compiling her vast experience into a comprehensive book.

Within a remarkably short period, the first ShaurMeals franchise was launched in 2018, swiftly followed by the sale of eight additional franchises that same year. This marked the beginning of an active scaling phase for the brand. Presently, the ShaurMeals network boasts an impressive 45 locations, with a combination of ten company-owned establishments and 35 operated under the franchise model. The strategic approach to franchise territory allocation is evident, with exclusive rights granted to franchisees in specific cities and regions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximizing the potential for success.

ShaurMeals’ foray into franchising reflects the understanding that the food service industry operates differently from other sectors. While retail or pharmaceutical ventures may face direct competition with identical products, the dining experience is driven by emotions and individual preferences. Each ShaurMeals establishment is meticulously crafted to offer a unique atmosphere and cater to a specific target audience, emphasizing the importance of creating enjoyable dining experiences that leave lasting memories.

The successful expansion of ShaurMeals through franchising is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the power of its unique Shawarma concept. With a rapidly growing network and an unwavering dedication to preserving the essence of ShaurMeals’ culinary excellence, the franchise model continues to fuel the brand’s vision of transforming the Shawarma landscape. As ShaurMeals carves its path, they remain focused on ensuring that each franchise embodies the spirit of its initial establishment, providing customers with an unforgettable Shawarma experience that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

A Franchise Opportunity Built on Experience and Partnership

Franchisees are drawn to ShaurMeals for a multitude of reasons, all stemming from the brand’s unique concept and unwavering commitment to excellence. The aesthetic aspect, the captivating menu, and the overall experience offered by ShaurMeals make it an enticing choice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the food service industry. The franchise stands out not only for its visually appealing packaging but, more importantly, for the invaluable real-world experience it brings to the table.

One of the distinctive features of ShaurMeals is its foundation in firsthand experience. The concept was meticulously created, developed, and honed into a thriving network by the ShaurMeals team themselves. This accumulated expertise is now packaged and shared with franchisees, providing them with a solid foundation to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. It is this wealth of knowledge and success that sets ShaurMeals apart and makes it an appealing investment opportunity for franchisees seeking long-term growth and collaboration.

While the allure of passive investments exists in some franchise models, ShaurMeals operates differently, particularly within the food service industry. The ShaurMeals franchise requires active engagement and commitment from franchisees. They are encouraged to actively monitor business processes, stay informed through continuous learning, train staff members, and invest their time and energy into the venture. ShaurMeals takes pride in providing comprehensive training and support to franchisees, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools and know-how to navigate the fast-paced world of food service entrepreneurship.

Chekareva Olga, the visionary behind ShaurMeals, finds immense fulfillment in seeing the growth and success of the franchise’s partners. The brand’s focus is on establishing long-term collaborations built on mutual trust and shared goals. This dedication to creating a thriving and supportive partnership network has fostered a sense of community and synergy within the ShaurMeals franchise family.

For those seeking a franchise opportunity that combines aesthetic appeal, a delectable menu, and a wealth of firsthand experience, ShaurMeals presents an enticing prospect. With ShaurMeals, franchisees are not only investing in a brand but also gaining access to a wealth of knowledge, ongoing support, and the chance to actively engage in the exciting world of food service entrepreneurship. The journey with ShaurMeals goes beyond passive investment – it requires dedication, passion, and a genuine commitment to deliver exceptional dining experiences to customers.

Supporting the Franchisees

ShaurMeals takes pride in offering extensive support to its franchisees, ensuring a seamless and successful launch of each new location. With a focus on attention to detail and comprehensive assistance, the company goes above and beyond to assist its franchise partners at every step of the process.

One of the key ways ShaurMeals supports its franchisees is by covering the initial costs associated with establishing a new location. The initial fee not only provides the franchisee with access to the brand but also covers essential aspects such as travel expenses, accommodation, and the salary of a dedicated representative. This representative travels to the franchisee’s establishment for the grand opening, providing on-site guidance and support to ensure a smooth launch.

Recognizing the importance of visual appeal and ambiance, ShaurMeals goes the extra mile by creating a technical plan and an individual 3D interior design project for each franchise location. The company’s skilled designers collaborate with local printing houses in the city where the franchisee is opening, overseeing the production and ordering of all necessary graphic materials. This attention to detail helps ensure that every ShaurMeals location reflects the brand’s aesthetic vision and creates a captivating dining experience.

In today’s digital age, ShaurMeals understands the significance of online presence and social media engagement. To assist franchisees in effectively reaching their target audience, the company takes charge of creating a social media page for the new location. Additionally, ShaurMeals prepares engaging content, sets up targeted marketing campaigns, and collaborates with influential bloggers to generate buzz and drive footfall to the franchisee’s establishment.

Technology is also a priority for ShaurMeals, as demonstrated by its investment in a cutting-edge mobile application. The company connects franchise partners to this innovative platform, providing seamless integration for order management, customer engagement, and loyalty programs. The mobile application, which has been developed with a substantial investment exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, serves as a powerful tool to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To ensure that franchisees are well-equipped and prepared to operate their ShaurMeals location successfully, the company provides free training. Drawing on their extensive experience and expertise, the ShaurMeals team imparts valuable knowledge, sharing best practices and equipping franchisees with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional service and uphold the brand’s high standards. Additionally, a comprehensive franchisee handbook serves as a handy guide, providing ongoing support and resources to navigate the journey of operating a ShaurMeals franchise.

Through these robust support measures, ShaurMeals demonstrates its commitment to the success and growth of its franchise partners. By offering financial assistance, design expertise, marketing support, technological integration, training, and ongoing guidance, the company ensures that every franchisee receives the necessary tools and resources to thrive within the ShaurMeals family.

Recognizing as the Franchise of the Year

ShaurMeals, a pioneering force in the fast-casual dining industry, has achieved remarkable recognition and acclaim. In a testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, ShaurMeals was honored with the prestigious Franchise of the Year award in the esteemed People of the Year competition organized by the international publication Russian Business Guide, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

This distinguished accolade places ShaurMeals in the illustrious company of other renowned franchises that have made a significant impact in their respective fields, including Cofix, OldBoy Barbershop, World Class fitness club chain, Cosmo Kids kindergarten chain, and Sushi Wok. The Franchise of the Year award not only acknowledges the outstanding achievements of ShaurMeals but also solidifies its position as a leading player in the franchise market.

Behind this momentous achievement lies a journey defined by years of unwavering commitment, relentless pursuit of quality, and the invaluable contribution of a dedicated team. ShaurMeals has diligently worked to create a business model that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of the franchise market. This accomplishment serves as a resounding testament to their ability to navigate challenges, refine their approach, and deliver a truly superior and competitive product.

The recognition of receiving such a significant award resonates deeply with the entire ShaurMeals team. It is a testament to their tireless efforts and unwavering pursuit of excellence. As they proudly celebrate this achievement, ShaurMeals remains committed to upholding its core values, delivering unparalleled dining experiences, and continuing to redefine the culinary landscape.

With the Franchise of the Year award serving as a powerful validation of their exceptional work, ShaurMeals looks toward the future with renewed vigor and determination. Guided by their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they are poised to set new standards in the franchise market and continue their remarkable journey of success.

Reasons to Invest in a ShaurMeals Franchise:

  1. Rapid Payback and Lucrative Profits: Franchisees of ShaurMeals can expect a swift payback period, typically ranging from 6 to 8 months. With this accelerated return on investment, franchisees have the opportunity to start earning substantial profits, with an average starting profit of $5,000.
  2. Culinary Excellence from World-Class Chefs: Gain access to a meticulously crafted menu created by renowned chefs. ShaurMeals prides itself on collaborating with culinary experts to curate a diverse and enticing menu that will captivate the taste buds of your customers.
  3. Harness the Power of the ShaurMeals App: The ShaurMeals app serves as a multifaceted tool to enhance both marketing efforts and customer convenience. Through the app, customers can conveniently make payments, reducing queue times and improving efficiency. Additionally, the app provides visibility of the entire menu, allowing customers to explore the offerings and make informed choices.
  4. Customized and Captivating 3D Design: Our team of experienced interior designers will collaborate with you to create a visually stunning and distinctive establishment. With an original 3D design project tailored to your franchise, you can create an inviting ambiance that entices customers to return again and again.
  5. Comprehensive Technical Plan for Seamless Operations: ShaurMeals understands the importance of a smooth operational setup. As part of the franchise package, you will receive an individualized technical plan that covers every detail of your establishment’s layout, including the precise positioning of sockets, electrics, sinks, and large appliances. This detailed plan ensures a seamless and efficient workflow within your franchise.
  6. Professional Graphic Design Services: Leave a lasting impression on your customers with captivating visual designs. Our team of skilled graphic designers will craft all the necessary materials for your establishment’s branding, including business cards, banners, menus, table tents, and click-boxes. Stand out from the competition with a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity.
  7. Cost Savings on Packaging Materials: As a ShaurMeals franchisee, you can take advantage of our bulk purchasing power. We secure packaging materials at wholesale prices, offering significant cost savings compared to self-ordering from suppliers. By partnering with us, you can save up to three times on branded packages and cup holders, maximizing your profitability.
  8. Vast Experience in Various Establishment Types: ShaurMeals has an extensive track record of successfully opening diverse types of establishments, including kiosks, pavilions, food halls, and food courts. Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience as we provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of your franchise.

Investing in a ShaurMeals franchise means joining a dynamic and innovative brand that is revolutionizing the shawarma industry. With a compelling range of benefits and support, you can embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey backed by a trusted and experienced team.

ShaurMeals’ Plans for the Future

ShaurMeals has an ambitious roadmap for the future, characterized by expanding its reach and venturing into the international market. With a flourishing network already established in numerous cities across the CIS countries, the company is poised for further growth and success. Opening one to two new locations each month, ShaurMeals is committed to expanding both its franchise and owned network, ensuring its unique Shawarma experience reaches even more eager customers.

In addition to its plans for domestic growth, ShaurMeals has set its sights on the international arena. The company has already taken significant strides by securing a partnership agreement with a trusted associate in Tajikistan. This strategic alliance has granted rights for the opening of two ShaurMeals locations in Dushanbe, intending to secure exclusivity for the entire country. Simultaneously, negotiations are underway with prospective partners from Kyrgyzstan, highlighting ShaurMeals’ commitment to international expansion.

To facilitate its global presence, ShaurMeals is diligently working on translating all materials into English, ensuring seamless communication with international stakeholders. By developing a robust master franchise model, they are paving the way for successful expansion into new markets. With a resolute focus on maintaining the integrity of the ShaurMeals brand and the exceptional dining experience it offers, the company aims to captivate international audiences with its innovative take on Shawarma.

As ShaurMeals continues to grow, its dedication to quality, aesthetics, and culinary excellence remains unwavering. Their plans demonstrate their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional Shawarma experiences to an ever-expanding customer base. With the vision of opening more owned locations in Irkutsk, alongside their strategic moves into international markets, ShaurMeals is poised to establish itself as a global leader in the redefined world of Shawarma.  

Wrapping Up

Every aspect of ShaurMeals’ operation plays a vital role in the overall success of the brand. From the diverse menu offerings to the personalized approach to shawarma customization, and the integration of innovative technology, each link in the chain contributes to the overall guest experience. By prioritizing attention to detail and providing a range of options to cater to various tastes and dietary needs, ShaurMeals has established itself as a standout brand in the fast-casual dining industry, where individual preferences are celebrated, and customer satisfaction is paramount.

Shaurmeals Franchise Terms:

Initial fee: $5.900.

Startup investments: $25.000-50.000

Royalty: 3.5%.

Payback period: 3-8 months.

Revenue: $10,000 per month.

Customer flow: 150-600 people per day.

Formats: Kiosk, Pavilion, Food hall, Non-residential premises on the ground floor.



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