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Should you get vaccinated against COVID-19 during Menstruation? Government Clarifies.

get vaccinated against COVID-19 during Menstruation

Recently Government of India announced scaling up vaccine drive against COVID-19 by allowing all the citizens above 18 to get vaccinated from May 1. Soon the messages spreading on social media raised concerns for women whether they should take their vaccines during their menstruation.

The messages widely spread on social media claimed that women should not take the COVID-19 vaccine five days before and after their period cycles as their ‘immunity during periods are very less’.

However, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) India recently took to its official Twitter handle to disregard the concerns raised by the social media post calling it out as fake. The Twitter post further urged people to ‘not fall for such rumors’ and encouraged citizens above 18 years to get vaccinated after May 1.

The registration for the COVID-19 vaccine will start on the Arogya Setu app and CoWIN platform from April 28.



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