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Sinovac: Covid-19 vaccine induced immune response in over 90% of volunteers

Beijing’s Sinovac stated that early clinical trials show that its vaccine candidate Covid-19 can protect people from infections.

A phase two placebo-controlled trial involving more than 600 patients found that the company claimed that 14 days after injection, a shot of its vaccine, known as CoronaVac, led to the formation of neutralizing antibodies in more than 90% in people studied.
Phase I / II clinical studies were randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled.
A total of 743 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 59 have been recruited in the trial.

The Beijing-based company said in a statement that out of those, 143 volunteers are in Phase I, and 600 are in Phase II.

The company expects to submit to China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) a Phase II clinical report and a Phase III clinical trial protocol shortly afterward and begin application of Phase III clinical trials abroad.

Sinovac is working on phase III clinical study with the Instituto Butantan in Brazil. The organization plans to share the full detail of our clinical trials in scientific journals with the public.

In collaboration with leading academic research institutes in China, Sinovac started the production of a Covid-19 vaccine in January 2020.

The Chinese NMPA approved phase I and II tests on its inactivated vaccine candidate against Covid 19 in China on 13 April.

More than two dozen work efforts are currently being made to create new Covid-19 safe vaccines against coronavirus.

Moderna, a biotech company based in Cambridge, in May, announced early and encouraged immune reactions for its experimental vaccine Covid-19.



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