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Sturdy Healthcare Solution Providers Redefining Healthcare

Emerging Healthcare Solution Providers in 2019 | Logo | Insights Care

Since a few decades, India’s GDP has been grown at about seven percent while the country’s healthcare sector is lagging behind with over 1.2 percent of the GDP. Hence, the Indian Government aims to uplift the healthcare spending to 2.5 percent of the GDP by the end of its 12th five year plan that would be increased to 3 percent by 2022.

With the fast expanding economy and increased Internet usage, there is a high demand for quality and cost-effective healthcare in India. The increasing healthcare market in India is generating a huge opportunity for healthtech as well as healthcare organizations and startups.

Though most of healthcare solution providers are still evolving, there are larger drifts growing in healthcare, emergency services, pathology, and various among other things.  Here in this special issue of ‘Emerging Healthcare Solution Providers to Watch in 2019’, we have enlightened the foremost Healthcare Solution Providers that are transforming the healthcare industry with their astounding services and approaches.



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