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Supply Chain Management: Promising A Better Healthcare Delivery

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing workflow to achieve steady cashflow

The goal of every supply chain management solution provider is to help companies to optimize the flow goods, data, and finances related to a product or service, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product at its final destination. They help companies to increase productivity, gain client trust, and earn a steady cash flow.

Simple Meaning of Supply Chain – The term supply chain leads you from the raw material providers, to the manufacturer who uses the raw materials for production, set of technologies used, and logistics involved, up to the trader who markets the finished product down to the end user.

This network of individuals, companies, resources, and activities/processes involved in movement, storage of basic production materials, inventory work flow, finished goods, and end to end order fulfilment from the point of product origin to the point of consumption, totals down to the term; Supply Chain Management.

There are a few competent companies featured in; 10 Best Healthcare Supply Chain Management Companies in 2023 who are boosting the confidence, efficiency, and productivity of the health care industries through proper Supply chain management solutions. They are the companies highlighted in this magazine edition for the year 2023. 

Here are some important questions that has been asked and answered by professional healthcare supply chain management providers in the industry to help you understand this topic more like on Supply Chain-Investopedia:

Question 1: What is supply chain management in healthcare industry?

Healthcare Supply Chain is a series of processes that involves different teams across several departments/regions, for the production and movement of medicines, surgical equipment, and various other healthcare products needed by health care professionals and all health systems to deliver on their jobs, on time and effectively. The companies who dedicate the best of their resources, workforce and time to ensure these processes are completed effectively in the healthcare industry are helping the industry to grow tremendously. They are deserving of continued appreciation.

Question 2: What is the main function of a healthcare supply chain management?

For health care supply chain to function well, a Proper inventory control is a core part of this process, and its serves a critical contributor not just support, but also health organizations to achieve excellence in their business operations.

Question 3: What are the 5 Words (R) of supply chain management?

If you are familiar with supply chain and it’s management, then you must have come across the term; Reverse logistics. These was coined out of companies desire to optimize supply chain efficiency and save cost. To achieve this efficiency, they function around five R’s of reverse logistics which are: returns, recalls, repairs, repackaging and recycling.

Question 4: How supply chain can become backbone of healthcare?

Data is the driver for an efficient supply chain in healthcare. Proper record and analysis of data, on every shipment made, records, returns, claims and clinical outcomes will lead to the provision of real-world and real-time evidence on product efficacy. This prompts for tighter control of inventory and delivery, closer attention and control during transit, and providing transparency throughout the distribution chain. The Healthcare industry will do better with an optimized supply chain process throughout operations till delivery.

Question 5: What is the importance of supply chain management?

Every health system has set objectives, they want to achieve, that need to be timely and properly taken care of, right from proper control of manufacturing processes to delivery of the products to the customers. If these levels of engagement are well taken care of, the risk of recalls and lawsuits will be drastically reduced, quality of product will be improved, thereby giving the healthcare organization a big picture to thrive on.

  • How can the management of healthcare supply chain be improved?

Through the integration of Best Rated Healthcare Supply Chain Software, which helps to streamline medical supply and procurement, inventory, and overall spend management by promoting transparency for primary, ancillary care, and non-acute care providers.

This software works on procedures that help stakeholders like providers, and suppliers to ease the ordering and receiving of medical supplies. Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, and global medical professionals can automate manual supply chain tasks, and benefit from optimized workflows, and business intelligence to reduce costs, and improve the delivery of care. Healthcare supply chain software aids hospitals and medical practices in adhering to and providing value-based care.

Beyond the software roles in improving supply chain management, here are the 5 Ways to Improve the Management of Healthcare Supply Chain

  1. Careful contract management.
  2. Establish a more effective inventory management.
  3. Integrate technology and analytics in order to make operations run smoother.
  4. Ensure pricing system is understandable and effective.
  5. Optimize order management to achieve accuracy and order cycle times to lower costs.

In conclusion, in everyday commerce, a proper management of supply chain processes from procurement, operations, logistics to the marketing channels helps companies to build great relationship with their customers. They help reduce cost of productions, delivery time, and increase overall productivity. Raw materials can be converted into a finished product and delivered to the end customer when and how it is promised leading to better business growth.

-Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo



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