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Sympatient: A HealthTech Start-up That Treats Anxiety Disorders


(In the past two years, Sympatient has helped thousands of patients with anxiety disorders.)

Sympatient – A German-based digital startup, on 29th September – managed to secure €7.5M of funding, led by formal healthcare executives and existing investors. “We will use these funds to offer digital treatment and support for anxiety disorders,” says Christian Angern, Co-founder and CEO of Sympatient.

The Urgency of Patients with Anxiety

According to a 2021 statistical report, approximately 370 million people are affected by anxiety every year. Adding to this, anxiety and panic disorders are more common. Considering Germany, the origin of Sympatient, it takes around five months of waiting time for patients to seek therapy (due to not having enough therapists), yet patients with anxiety disorders are increasing.

Sensing an urgent need to draw new solutions, Sympatient addresses the demand through Digital Anxiety Clinic. The approach will offer a therapy tailored to patients’ needs through either classic, hybrid, or digital modes.

Treating Anxiety from the Couch’s Comfort

“In the past two years, we have helped thousands of patients with anxiety disorders,” states Angern.

As its digital approach comes to reality, Sympatient has grown into a platform that would offer specialized treatments, covering multiple areas for anxiety disorders – from diagnosis to care.

Being in demand, patients find it comparatively suitable — for the simple reason that therapy could be sought from the comfort of their couch. In addition, health insurance providers are also at an advantage, as the digital platform guarantees treatment to every member, even if the therapy spots are limited.

Sympatient Brings the Future of HealthTech Closer

With Sympatient emerging as a solution to all the three elements of the healthcare sector, i.e., patients, insurance providers, and therapists, the company is likely to expand on its technological approach. It looks forward to indulging in a biofeedback approach that would ensure the success of the therapy for its patients.

Despite the implementation costs being high, Sympatient’s CEO believes, “it would add a motivational element for those patients who are experiencing anxiety disorders, but have not undergone therapy yet.



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