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Tavger Ltd: Offering Bioengineering Solutions to Improve Skin Quality

Michael Tavger, President of Tavger Ltd.
Michael Tavger | President | Tavger Ltd.

Tavger was established in 2009 to research and develop an ultimate technology for chronic wound healing. Sadly, a chronic wound resembles a graveyard – a space filled with waste products that have no communication with healthy parts of the body. Unlike the existing methods, the focus in treating chronic wounds using Tavger’s technology isn’t the lifeless wound but the relatively viable skin around it.

The central concept of company’s approach lies in understanding that the skin is a part of the peripheral nervous system and a Neuro-immuno-endocrine Organ that carries out essential protective functions.

Having plunged into the little-studied sections of skin morphology, Tavger has discovered its incredible capabilities in transmitting signals for restoring homeostasis during wound treatments and solving cosmetic issues. The wound healing code is hidden in the skin itself, but surprisingly enough, it can be triggered even without causing an injury!

In the following interview, Michael Tavger, the President of Tavger Ltd. expands upon what makes the company a leader in the medical aesthetics industry, the challenges it faced, and its vision for the future.

As all know, Medicine is a science and practice of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. On the other hand, aesthetics seems to be more in a field of philosophy and deals with the nature of beauty, personal tastes, and preferences, like in Art.

Aesthetics also refers to evolutionary psychology theories which argue that the evolution of Homo Sapiens aesthetic preferences is intended to improve human race survival and reproductive success.

So, where do aesthetics and Medicine meet?

Medical aesthetics includes all kinds of medical treatments focused on improving the cosmetic appearance of patients. However, one common thing in all of these treatment methods is creating of controlled injury by using various procedures and instruments. Such procedures include platelets-rich plasma injections, micro-needling, laser, RF, ultrasound treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments using botulinum toxin, dermal and lip fillers, chemical peels, skin ‘resurfacing’, etc.

It is claimed that all these technologies and procedures are speculating on the ability of the immune system to recognize violations of protective barriers and to repair damage by accelerating replacement formations at the sites of invasion.

Various substances injections into the soft tissue, severe chemical or mechanical damage, laser irradiation, alternating current waves, or ultrasound treatment working through injury inevitably leave some undesirable damage often gently called a ‘complication’.

Tavger Ltd technology uses a patented 50 microns jets generator to deliver liquids substance through skin’s appendages. Our devices Affinity and MesoStrip are providing intra-cutaneous delivery through the skin ducts momentary into the sub-dermis area. The calculation of epithelial surface (follicular and sweat ducts) shows that this part of the skin provides a much vaster interface for interactions between the infuscate and surrounding living tissue.

Penetration into the skin interior doesn’t create damage but a ‘fantom of damage’, which is causing the homeostatic healing response – a condition for restoring optimal organism functions.

The spreading of vitalizing solutions superficially on the skin was always a way for the safety supplements delivery. Passage through the follicular and sweat ducts was vastly underestimated, and this vast potential to make a systemic effect on the human body was ignored.

The solution deposit inside the sweat ducts creates bypasses for chemical and electrical stimulation deep in the skin. It creates a warning message for the immune and nervous systems, triggering the healing process acceleration and obtaining an anti-aging effect.

Our first results in solutions delivery into skin’s appendages were implemented to manufacture the cosmetic device to obtain the much-needed funds for further development of chronic wounds treatment technology. As of today, the company manufactures and sells four different FDA-registered and listed devices. Our company has already sold more than 1000 devices in South Korea, China, Singapore, the USA, Israel, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, and other countries.

What is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the global healthcare sector, and what challenges did you face during the initial phase of the pandemic?

Like many others, I have no clear understanding of the reason for mass panic. Maybe because this pandemic hasn’t directly affected my family and friends yet. Working with chronic wounds and watching the mountains of amputated legs of diabetic’s patients, I see their situation getting worse along with thousands of abandoned, sick people.

Here, we created an antivirus gadget to protect my factory staff and people visiting us for different business purposes. It’s a humidifier with 30% hydrogen peroxide diluted to 0.02% – good enough for air disinfection in the limited closed spaces. The hydrogen peroxide 0.02% is a very old and well-known air disinfect, not dangerous in concentration below 1ppm.

With continuous development in technologies such as AI and Big Data, what is your prediction about the future of the healthcare sector regarding the medical aesthetics vertical?

I have not seen any relation between the development of AI or Big Data and healthcare in the meaning of disease healing, exempting maybe for statistic counting. There is a big gap between people’s pain and suffering and the business excellence of AI and Big Data.

Norbert Wiener suggested that all intelligent behaviour resulted from feedback mechanisms that machines could simulate, and it was an important early step towards the development of modern artificial intelligence. It would be difficult to predict how it will promote the ‘Medical Aesthetics’ because the ‘Medical Aesthetics’ and ‘intelligence’ are un-mixable. ‘Shaken, not stirred.’

As an established leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the medical aesthetics industry?

I believe that the future of aesthetics is to keep as far as possible from the medical approach and to be closer to science like evolutionary physiology, neurology, and gerontology. Our technology and philosophy have created outstanding business results in the beauty market in one of the most intelligent parts of Europe – Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our Super Boost device is leading in sales as the safest and results-achieving skin-enhancing technology. This is quite inspiring. Of course, being a small company, it is challenging to confront the evil power of fillers, Botox, laser, and other skin-damaging procedures; however, we already have some victories to celebrate – they already start fighting each other. 



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