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How Telemedicine is reshaping the Medical cannabis industry?

In states like California and Nevada, where medical cannabis is legal, telehealth services have extended the boundaries of a physician’s medical practice for providing effective healthcare. It has bridged the gap between doctors that are available to prescribe cannabis and patients that are seeking medical cannabis treatment.

The Green Rush bought about a lot of change in the way society understood and used cannabis. Not to forget, it all started with research that validated the therapeutic benefits of the plant. Telemedicine has provided several benefits to both doctors and patients across the Golden State.

How it all started…

After the Californian Voters passed Proposition 215, medical marijuana gained its foothold into the healthcare industry. It was legal to recommend cannabis for patient-care. Since then, many states such as Missouri have passed their respective ballot measures establishing laws for the Missouri medical marijuana card program.

Contrary to all these advancements, people using cannabis for medicinal purposes were still being judged by their friends, neighbors, and family members. They many patients felt they were perceived by criminals – the market place reflected that and rewarded dispensaries and clinics that valued discreteness. Privacy has always been an issue in the industry.

Then came the time for a change

Telehealth, in compliance with the Business and Professions Code (HIPAA), section 2290.5, allowed licensed medical professionals to recommend cannabis for medicinal purposes using Telemedicine technology.

Moreover, patients, who were feeling embarrassed to talk about medical cannabis to their primary physicians before, were now able to freely ask their doctors about medical cannabis therapeutic strategies.

Telehealth services turned out to be a solution to the conventional ‘physician house-call’.

How Telehealth Has Changed the Concept of Cannabis recommendations?

The technology which was earlier limited just for bigger healthcare operations has now entered the mainstream medical cannabis healthcare industry.

For some, this technology means exploring medical cannabis treatment of their respective medical conditions. While for others, it bypasses any judgments and criticism that may come from their primary healthcare provider.

Other than privacy, telemedicine services have a number of other benefits as well.

  • It’s Easily Accessible

Not every city in the United States has access to 420 clinics and many patients who require it suffer from some form of physical ailment, often with transportation restrictions. With telemedicine, patients can now get a medical marijuana recommendation even if they don’t reside in an urban city. Not only this, they can avoid traveling long distances and instead just go online to see a specialist.

  • Reduced Health Care Costs

With fewer hospital visits, telemedicine has tremendously reduced healthcare costs for millions of patients across the country. Patients save on fuel by not have to drive to their clinic. In addition to this, with a medical evaluation, they are exempt from paying several taxes when buying cannabis medicine.

Telemedicine continues to accelerate the growth of Cannabis industry

The ease and convenience of obtaining a cannabis recommendation have allowed patients to lean on telemedicine. The time spent driving through traffic to a clinic in person, sitting in waiting rooms, has now been replaced with just a few clicks.

It makes access to advice much faster and easier, enabling patients to ask questions more often and review symptoms that they would not otherwise deem worthy of an office visit. This also reduces the chances of any self-medication issues as patients can discuss strains and dosing directly from their doctors.

Telemedicine technology has also helped increase awareness about the potential therapeutic applications of medical cannabis. Service providers can now service an entire state compared to just a city. Patients with chronic medical symptoms now have proper access to medication that can manage their conditions without any side effects.

All of these effects compound and boost the growth of awareness and allows the medical cannabis industry to multiply much faster.

Millions of patients thank telemedicine across the country

Telemedicine has become is a feasible choice not only for patients who are seeking medical cannabis but also for healthcare providers who are trying to expand the realm of their medical practice.

It’s important to understand that contrary to what many people still assume, telemedicine is just a way to provide legal cannabis to anyone who needs it. It’s an effort to make patients, who earlier had lost hope, feel better.

A video call with your doctor is similar to any in-clinic patient service. What this technology gives us quality health care services in just under ten minutes.

Our company was founded as a physical doctor’s office at the beginning of the medicinal cannabis movement in California, we were based in Orange County. The company has grown into a leader in the field of online medical cannabis recommendations, serving every state that legally allows for both telemedicine and medical cannabis.

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