The 10 Leading Prosthetics and Orthotics Solution Providers to Watch

Expectations from Technology in Prosthetics
Loss of any body part or its function, due to any reason, affects our daily working as well as mental health. While in some cases, the condition is irreversible, fortunately, in many, there are ways to get the functionality back. Prosthetics, as they are known as, are making the lives of millions of...

Issue Profile

Keep Walking Project | Changing Lives and Lifestyles | Amputee Coalition
Keep Walking Project:  Changing Lives and Lifestyles
A study conducted by the Amputee Coalition, a non profit organization based out of US states that there...
MEND | The Urban link to Prosthetics | Prosthetic Rehabilitation
MEND: The Urban link to Prosthetics
Non governmental organizations ( NGOs) have always come forward to help the migrant workers, to fight...
Sean Gray, CEO, NZALS
NZALS: Championing independent and productive lives for amputees
The human body is an incredible biological machine, with each individual part performing a number of...

3d Prosthetic

3D Printing Technology in Prosthetics | Prosthetics & Orthotics Solutions
3D Printing Technology in Prosthetics
With technological improvements happening each day, betterment can be seen in all sectors of life. Sectors...