The 20 Leading Healthcare Solution Providers

Validic: Igniting a Digital Health Revolution
In this digital age, we are generating more healthcare information than ever before. The challenges that remain are access to and driving meaning from these data. How can we bridge the information gap between patients and providers and bring actionable data together in one place? Validic, a cloud-based...

Issue Profile

Brent Lang | Vocera Communications | Insights Care
Vocera Communications: Changing the Future of Communication
Today, we have multiple communication channels available, yet some healthcare organizations struggle...
Chocko Valliappa | Vee Technologies | Insights Care
Vee Technologies: Transforming Healthcare Business Processes
The healthcare industry in America is in a state of flux like never done before. Thirteen million Americans...
Larry Gerrans | Sanovas, Inc Insights Care
Sanovas, Inc.: Making a Global Impact in Patient Care
Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are common chronic obstructive lung disorders...
Jon Sintorn | Permobil | Insights Care
Permobil: Redefining the Lives of the Differently-abled
Currently, the world is witnessing an evolutionary transformation through digitization, where the scientists...
Sean Duffy | Omada Health | Insights Care
Omada Health: Leading the Epoch of Digital Healthcare
Unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, poor diet and lack of physical activity...
Mahmud Haq | MTBC | Insights Care
MTBC: Transcending the Confines of Your Practice & Deliver Patient Care Anywhere, Anytime
A notable shift in the healthcare panorama has been taking place over the course of the last few years,...
Pat McGoingle | MedInformatix | Insights Care
MedInformatix: Client and Data Driven Healthcare Information Technology
As the U.S. healthcare industry continues to evolve, solution providers are working overtime to stay...
Anne Marie Kirby | CoreHealth Technologies | Insights Care
CoreHealth Technologies: A Trusted All-In-One Wellness Partner for 2+ Million Employees
Prior experience in a variety of technical positions in the health industry and working on hospital information...


Arash Asli | Yocale | Insights Care
How Technology Is Helping To Improve The Healthcare Industry
Technology is often the vessel that brings a great deal of progress and change. Nowhere is that more...

Interview with InsightsCare

Jonathan M. Prince | DataSmart Solution | Healthcare | Insights Care
From Relevance to Convenience to Value – The Future of Data Analytics in US Healthcare
Let’s explore the power of data. Transforming raw data into real value begins with the concept of relevance....

Executive Voice

Sanket Singhi | JVS Technologies | Medical Record System | Insights Care
Integrated Electronic Medical Record System and Patient Health Record Apps – The Future of Healthcare
Worldwide Healthcare industry is focused on preventive healthcare. As we move in 2017, the Healthcare...

Entrepreneur’s Outlook

Raul Villar, Jr. | AdvancedMD | Independent Physician | Insights Care
Integrated Workflow for the Independent Physician
In order to thrive, independent practices must continually adopt and embrace business models designed...