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MTBC: Transcending the Confines of Your Practice & Deliver Patient Care Anywhere, Anytime

Mahmud Haq | MTBC | Insights Care

A notable shift in the healthcare panorama has been taking place over the course of the last few years, with a focus on welcoming technology and transitioning towards value-based care. Healthcare institutions are continually pushing for delivering high-quality patients’ results and coveted profit boundaries while adhering to a burgeoning array of regulatory specifications and additional dynamic forces.

When hospitals and healthcare institutions save lives and treat patients, they also strive to develop favorable processes and strategies for staying financially stable. The associations between healthcare providers, patients, and third-party payers create opportunities and challenges for hospitals, thus making it indispensable. When delivering value-based care is at the top of the priority list for healthcare institutions, Electronic Health Records (EHR) has emanated as a pre-eminent part of value-based care which not only enhances modern medical practice management but also improves practice effectiveness and cost savings.

EHR enables healthcare providers to have access to comprehensive and accurate information which enhances their ability to diagnose diseases prevent medical errors, improving patient outcomes, and ultimately delivering better medical care. Though the majority of healthcare institutions and providers are embracing the evolution of healthcare records and practice management, constraints exist as it correlates to the resources required regarding time and capital, as well as fears over the disruption of existing workflow models and operation of individual practices.

Somerset, New Jersey based MTBC (Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.) has taken on the challenge of assisting health care providers and professionals throughout the United States to succeed with the highest quality of electronic record management and practice management systems that help deliver better patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency.

Inaugurated in the year 1999 [“Founded in”], MTBC is a Healthcare Information Technology solution provider that offers physician practices a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated WebEHR, Revenue Cycle and Practice Management Solutions and other related business services including transcription and data management. Their entire product portfolio-along with native mobile applications function as a cohesive single-database platform to help healthcare providers improve their financial performance and ultimately transform their medical practice into a successful business enterprise

The Maestro behind MTBC

The company was founded by Mahmud Haq, a former American Express executive. Mahmud could not find a qualified billing service for his wife, a practicing physician and was in need of the same, so he started MTBC. Since its inception, Mahmud is the CEO of MTBC, and before that, he served as CEO and President of Compass International Services Corporation. Mahmud graduated from Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts with a BS in Aviation Management and later he pursued an MBA from Clark University, Massachusetts with a concentration in Finance.

Mahmud reveals, “Our aim is to improve patient outcomes and surmount obstacles payors and providers face. We are always striving to be the best and deliver as much value as possible.”

Revolutionary Spectrum of Products & Services

MTBC offers a single platform for all clinical and business needs, enabling clients to focus more on care. MTBC’s fully integrated products along with best-in-class services support nearly all aspects of medical practice and save valuable time. Harnessing the power of machine learning and advanced data analytics, MTBC has developed state-of-the-art EHR product – talkEHR

Which is a voice driven application designed to reduce administrative burdens on physicians. talkEHR aims to utilize natural language processing and artificial intelligence to allow providers and staff to rapidly learn, implement, and successfully run their medical practices. talkEHR also incorporates an integrated suite of mobile apps allowing a reduction in phone calls and repetitive tasks, making practice easier.

“We believe our self-learning, voice driven, electronic health records system will revolutionize the way physicians practice on a day-to-day basis,” says Mahmud.

The company also offers Medical Billing Services, Value Added Services, Consultancy Services, Medical Transcription, MTBC Scribe Service, and Business Intelligence. These services allow healthcare providers and medical practitioners to increase revenues, and automate services for better quality and greater outcomes.

Distinctive Strategies Paving the Way to Success

A significant amount of critical assets has helped MTBC overcome every roadblock, but the most important ones according to Mahmud is their team of 2,000 dedicated staff members, who have stood by them at every point, and values which are at the core of MTBC. According to Mahmud the biggest challenge is keeping two steps ahead of the insurance company’s denial methods. Their self-learning rules engine allows automating much of the denial management process. “Through our suite of quality products and services, we are enabling healthcare organizations and medical practitioners to maintain financial stability which ultimately allows them to operate efficiently and use the capital to ameliorate the health of a community,” assures Mahmud.

Planning the Future Prospects

MTBC’s success has been driven by providing a suite of services that physicians desperately need. The company continues to make a proven industry better with their advanced products as they realize that EMR-EHR will continue to improve the overall quality of healthcare by tracking data over time and creating patient-centric solutions focused on value-based care. Mahmud expects growth to remain stable. They are providing talkEHR free and anticipate physicians will want to add on their billing services.



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