The 5 Most Influential Women Leaders in Healthcare 2023

Sandrine Piret-Gerard: Adding More Life to Years and More Years to Life 
Sandrine Piret-Gerard’s life began to be shaped by health and its challenges even before she was born. Six months prior to Sandrine’s birth, her grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite the doctors’ estimates that she wouldn’t live long, her grandmother stayed alive until the day Sandrine...

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Annabel Biggar-David
Annabel Biggar-David: Offering Eco-Friendly Health Products for Healthcare and Home Wellness
In today’s competitive market, founding a business and making it a success is not an easy job. It takes...
Tokitus | Ulvia Avidan
Ulvia Avidan: Transforming Therapy for the Modern World
When you spend over a decade in the field of psychotherapy, you learn a lot of things. Ulvia Avidan,...