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The Catalysts to Innovate Progress in Diagnostics

Hi-Tech Diagnostics and Pathology Centers 2018

The Indian healthcare industry is witnessing a rapid growth spectrum over the last decade. Out of numerous factors, one that steals the limelight is the noticeable changes done to improve the quality and raise the standards that are par with the international healthcare parameters.

As one of the crucial components under healthcare, diagnostics and pathology centers are playing a pivotal role in improving the overall medical scenario. As a matter of fact, the current fragmented market is going through a transition that makes it more organized and transparent. New innovative business models are been introduced by the industry players. Additionally, recent Government initiatives have also resulted in streamlining the diagnostics and pathological labs.

In our constant endeavor to showcase the distinctive elements within the Indian healthcare industry, we introduce some of the most prominent diagnostics and pathology centers who have outclassed others and have contributed significantly in the recent years. This special edition of “The 10 Hi-Tech Diagnostics and Pathology Centers 2018” aspires to highlight the partners who are delivering smart solutions and embracing industry-oriented operating models.



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