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In India there are many people in need of organ transplants. Many patients die each year of end stage organ disease because they have no suitable organ donors from their own family. There is a huge need of over 2 lac kidneys and 1 lac livers in India every year. Patients are added to the transplant registry every day. Each second, minute, hour patients die waiting for an organ transplant. Organ Donation cases are growing with each passing day but sadly the number of organ donors is always short.

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Transferring an organ from one human body to another or organ transplant is now just another term we often hear going around. But, the rising number of patients that require a transplant has gone up many folds. According to the information received from the WHO, in India only a few people donate their organs as compared to the western countries. The main reason is the lack of awareness and the myths pertaining to Organ Donation in our country. With the number of donors not matching the number of patients, and the stigma around organ donation; Organ Trafficking has plagued the healthcare space.

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Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital: Serving Humanity by Providing World-class & Compassionate Care in Urology and Nephrology

Located in the cultural and historical city of Nadiad, Gujarat, Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) is one of the leading transplant centers in India and world-wide. The institution was created keeping in mind the absence of facilities to treat patients in a private practice in the area and a dream to establish a center that could do justice to the needy population with highest degree of care. The founding team comprised of Dr. Virendra Desai….

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