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Sahyadri Hospitals: Medical Care made Available, Accessible, and Accountable

Dr. Bipin Vibhute | Program Director & Head of Department | Sahyadri Center for Organ Transplant | Insights Care

Headquartered in the historical city of Pune, Sahyadri Hospitals is the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra. With centers across the state, it operates on the philosophy to make quality healthcare ‘Available, Accessible, and Accountable’. Founded in the year 2004, Sahyadri Hospitals has grown to 8 hospitals, 900 beds, 1200 clinicians, 2300 supporting staff, and has touched over 50 lakh lives.

In April 2016, Sahyadri Hospitals initiated a state-of-the-art Center for Liver and Pancreas Transplant in Pune, with a sole objective to make transplants affordable and accessible to all. Within a short span of time, the hospital has come to be recognized as fastest growing and one of the most reliable Liver Transplant Centers in Western India. The multidisciplinary team of the hospital comprises of Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic surgeons who are trained in India and abroad, having an experience of more than 1000 liver transplants; transplant anaesthetist, adult and paediatric Hepatologists, Liver oncologists, Hepatic Interventional Radiology, and supportive services that function as one team.

Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, has established a center for excellence in the treatment of Liver diseases. It offers the complete range of treatments, including surgical and medical management of jaundice, hepatitis, acute liver failure, chronic liver diseases, treatment of liver cancers, and liver transplantation. The high quality expertise, along with its ambition to provide outstanding affordable care & its access to new research protocol helps in providing patients the treatment best suited to their liver disease.

The Visionary of Sahyadri

“Sahyadri was conceived as a dream; a dream to make healthcare Available, Accessible, and Accountable to the community at large.” With this vision, Dr. Charudutt Apte established Sahyadri. He is the Chairman of Sahyadri Hospitals. He has had a brilliant academic career, culminating in his graduation as a Neurosurgeon from Christian Medical College, Vellore. He was awarded the Best Outgoing Student from B.J.M.C. (Pune) in 1976 and a gold medal from C.M.C. Vellore for his post-graduation.

Dr Bipin Vibhute is the Program Director and Head of Department, of Sahyadri Center for Organ Transplant in Pune, Nashik & Karad. He is a transplant surgeon with specialization in liver, kidney, pancreas, and small bowel. He has received the Organ Transplant surgery fellowship at Apollo hospitals, Chennai. He has done his DNB General Surgery, MNAMS and also has an MBA to his name.

Born at Atpadi in Sangli, he completed his education at prestigious institutes in Chennai, Kerala and Kolhapur. He started his transplant career at Apollo Hospitals Chennai; here he worked for almost seven years. He was part of team for almost 700+ transplants.

Post this stint with Apollo he came back to Maharashtra and joined Sahyadri Hospitals in 2016 where he started Organ transplant program in Pune. Presently this is 3rd largest organ transplant centre in India. He has performed more than 150 liver transplants and maximum simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants at Sahyadri Hospitals in less than 3 years.

He is famous for his outstanding surgical skills, great patient rapport, down to earth nature, and an infectious smile. He presently is expanding his transplant program all over Maharashtra with the motto of providing organ transplants to every corner of the state at an affordable cost and at accessible destination. His achievements are unparalleled and that too at such a young age of 38 years.

Financial Aids

Sahayadri helps eligible patients to leverage government schemes like CM Fund, PM Fund, NGO schemes, etc. The hospital also guides its patients regarding new EMI schemes available from leading finance companies, which is first of its kind in India for liver transplantation. Under its ‘Mission Prerna’ it provides special care for children. Speaking of this mission the Chairman asserts, “We do all pediatric liver transplants free of cost under Mission Prerna.”

With a view to make Paediatric Tertiary Health Care easily accessible for all, Sahyadri Hospitals introduced a novel initiative in association with Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Cell, Maharashtra State and Rotary International, under aegis of ‘Mission Muskan’.

Under this ground breaking initiative Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital Nagar Road has been transformed into a dedicated Paediatric Tertiary Care Unit, which will offer end-to-end tertiary care services, under one roof.  Range of tertiary Care services like Paediatric Cardiac Interventions, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries, Epilepsy Surgeries, Haematology (Bone Marrow Transplants), Paediatric Liver, and Heart Transplants, are provided free of cost for the  underprivileged children. Talking about this, Dr. Apte says, “Recently we have done our First Peadiatric Liver Transplant Surgery, free of cost under Mission Prerana, on a 17 year old boy suffering from Wilson’s disease.” Patient recovers faster and was discharged on 3rd day of Surgery, which is a rare feat.

Revolutionizing Procedures to Accelerate Recovery with Technology

Sahyadri Hospitals’ has always believed in constantly innovating treatments to ensure the best care possible to all patients. The hospital conducted a liver transplant on a 62 year old male suffering from end stage liver cirrhosis with liver cancer. With the newer, internationally approved measures and meticulous pre–operative and post–operative procedures, the patient was able to be discharged on the third day after the surgery. This ensured that the cost of the surgery was brought down considerably as well.

Liver transplants are usually quite lengthy. However, by using cutting-edge, world-class transplant facilities and procedures, Sahyadri Hospitals’ Liver Transplant Team makes sure that the patient is very well prepared physically, mentally, and nutritionally prior to the surgery. The team is thus able to shorten the duration of stay in the hospital, which also reduces the cost of surgery.

Journey of 150 Liver Transplants

Over the years the hospital has been in a part of many success stories. We are proud to complete more than 150 liver transplants in span of just 2.5 years. We are happy that we not only achieved this milestone, but we been able to transform the lives,” says Dr. Apte.

Sahyadri Hospitals is the first center in India, to perform kidney and pancreas transplant and liver transplant simultaneously on June 2017

  • On 16th May the hospital witnessed its first Green Corridor from Nasik to Pune
  • Father donates liver to save 9 year old daughter’s life in Pune, August 2016
  • An 81 year person’s liver makes for a healthy Liver Transplant, October 2016
  • Successfully completed more than 100 Liver Transplant in the short span of 2.5 years
  • Highest Kidney, Pancreas Transplants in Maharashtra
  • Sahayadri Team Transforms 5 lives in 6 days through consecutive liver transplants
  • Performed the first in India, liver transplant where the recipient underwent Bariatric surgery to save the new transplanted liver from metabolic syndrome.

Creating History with a Guinness World Record

Hundreds and thousands of Indians are dying each year from terminal diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and various other organs. The expertise to transplant these organs is widely available in Maharashtra state. However, there is a severe shortage of organ donors primarily because of lack of awareness. Pledging organs after death is world-over the most widely practiced method of getting organs in order to save dying patients who an organ need transplant. However, the organ donation rate in India remains dismally low.

In order to create widespread awareness about organ donation and to reach every corner of the country, Sahyadri Hospitals with Rotary International District 3131, launched a massive organ donation awareness and online pledging drive on 9th August 2018. “We achieved a Guinness World Record by accomplishing 22000 organ donation online pledges in just 8 hours,” says the Chairman.

It has also been awarded ‘Best Hospital in Organ Transplants’ at Navbharat Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018 and Best Hospital in Organ Donation by NOTTO –National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization.

Patients speak

“After several investigations, doctor advised me a liver transplant. This news shattered all of us. We knew that other organs can be transplanted but we haven’t heard about liver transplant at all. We travelled around for a long time, we went to Hyderabad then to Mumbai and finally we registered for a transplant at Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. I was not able to walk or eat due water in my belly but Dr Bipin Vibhute & his team optimized so well to ensure I’m fit for transplantation. I was lucky to get call from Sahyadri hospital which was last in our list within a month. My condition at the time of transplant was not that great but just stable enough for transplantation. Transplant procedure went on well and not only recovered fast but also discharged on day 6 from the hospital. I never thought that this could happen so quickly. My overall experience was extremely good with Liver team and I am delighted with all facilities at Sahyadri Hospital. All the doctors at Sahyadri are great and they have given me a new life.”-Mr. Ravindra Kulkarni, Nagpur



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