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The World observes International Nurses Day

Every year, May 12 is celebrated as International Nurses Day. The day is observed to celebrate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale – one of history’s most famous nurses, widely regarded as the founder of modern nursing. The idea of International Nurse’s Day was first proposed in the year 1953. It was first celebrated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in the year 1965.

Since 1965, the International Council of Nurses celebrates the day to highlight the contribution of nurses to society. As the world battles a pandemic this year, the occasion is seen as all the most significant to highlight the role that nurses are playing in this battle against COVID-19. Millions have taken to social media to thank nurses who are on the front-line of the fight against the disease.

With the world observing social distancing everywhere, the internet is where everyone is pouring their wishes for the nurses and lauding their efforts. ICN, WHO, and Nursing Now are encouraging people to take part in a moment of reflection to honor the memory of nurses and health workers who have tragically died during the COVID-19 pandemic. They hope that as many people as possible from around the world will take part in this global moment of reflection by sharing one of their social media tiles, along with the hashtag, #RememberHealthHeroes.

This year is also significant as the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it as the ‘Year of the Nurse and the Midwife’. WHO has also stressed that without nurses and other health workers, the battle against outbreaks will not be won and the world will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals or universal health coverage.



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