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Therapon Skin Health: Benchmark of Quality and Excellence

James Beckman | Theraderm

Taking good care of your skin is essential for more than just your appearance, as it is necessary for your general health. It can help take care of you if you take care of it. This is why it is crucial to have a well-thought-out skincare routine. It is absolutely worth the time and energy to regularly take care of your skin.

Your skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. Quality assured products are safe and effective and may come in specific formulations for sensitive skin and other issues. These products improve the texture and appearance of your skin and protect it from the adverse effects of the sun, pollutants, and problems that can negatively impact your health.

Choosing skincare essentials from a company like Therapon Skin Health with a reputable line of products can be helpful since each component may be designed to work in conjunction with the others. You can also be assured of the product quality and predict how your skin will react to trying a different product in the same line.

Under the coherent leadership of James Beckman, MD, Founder and CEO, Therapon Skin Health, the parent company of Theraderm products features products and procedures for a wide variety of skin conditions, including acne, ageing skin, redness, and pigmentation of the face and body. Theraderm also features a professional line distributed exclusively to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skin health professionals.

In an interview with Insights Care, Dr Beckman sheds light on the commencement of Therapon Skin Health, emphasizing its quality enabled offerings and his opinions on the future of the company.

Please brief our audience about Therapon Skin Health. Kindly tell us the source of inspiration for starting a Medical Aesthetics company.

I began my medical career in 1977 after graduating from Arkansas’ Medical School and completing a plastic surgery residency. I treated patients in my plastic surgery practice in Arkansas for over twenty years. At the time, I never envisioned starting a skincare company.

However, I wanted to provide my patients with the best skin care products and ingredients available to help their healing process, so I set out to develop products not available at the time that would improve their overall skin health and appearance.

Having majored in chemistry and from treating severely burned patients, I was inspired to create my full line of product solutions for restoring full function and mobility to skin-grafted hands. This led to the development of Beckman’s Skin Care Cream, which would later become the foundation product for Therapon Skin Health.

The steps to restoring aging skin are to clean and gently remove damaged skin elements or cells, repair the skin, restore skin to its healthiest condition and protect skin from damage. In 1996, the Theraderm Skin Renewal system was developed, and we have continued to innovate and add breakthrough products ever since.

Tell us more about your products and service offerings and what aspects make them stand out in the industry.

What differentiates us is that all of our products are formulated by me as a plastic surgeon and chemistry major to restore function to damaged skin.  I have personally seen probably every kind of trauma and skin problem imaginable. We formulate products focused on improving skin problems.

We first look at what is the cause of the disease or problem; then, we look at what ingredients can possibly rectify or solve the problem. We uniquely combine different products with other products rather than make one mega product that claims to do everything.

This allows us to provide a very specific focus on getting the best result from the combination. This would be similar to preparing an excellent meal with 3-4 exceptional dishes that complement each of the others.

Please tell us about your journey and how you have helped with the development and enhancement of the outreach of your company.

Therapon products in the Theraderm brand enhance the quality of life through beautiful skin and a restored youthful appearance. We do this by controlling the factors that contribute to aging, such as damaged collagen structure, irregular pigment, and loss of elasticity.

Prevention of daily, cumulative, permanent damage to the skin from UV exposure combined with restoration of damage already present is a key element in getting the exceptional results consistently seen.

The life/work goal of a plastic surgeon has always been to restore full function and appearance to patients after injury or damage from disease or trauma. Time teaches that the skin is not simply the “painted surface” of the body. Its full-thickness qualities are perhaps the most functional part of one’s life and self-esteem.

Over years of treating severely burned patients, I realized my passion for developing a superior cream to restore mobility, suppleness, and softness to skin grafted hands – hands that could bend and grasp objects necessary for someone to have a better quality of life.

My college degree in chemistry and passion for knowing the details of skin anatomy, physiology, and function, and numerous hours of research in the library led me to laboratory formulations and clinical testing. The goal was to find the “ultimate skin restoration cream.”

Several years later, five women who all had excellent results in eliminating sagging skin from facelifts asked a familiar question within the same week: “What can erase fine lines, wrinkles, and make skin pigment even after a facelift removes sagging?” In the quest for a product that would correct these issues, I discovered a unique secret ingredient that not only enhanced moisturizer penetration but also had the side effect of erasing fine wrinkles and restoring youthful colouration to ageing facial skin!

I can remember the spring day in 1988 when the clear vision came. The vision was to create a simplified daily skincare system of products that would restore and rejuvenate ageing facial skin to a beautiful, younger look, as well as make skin soft and pliable again. Each component of the system would have a special role in the system and yet be a fully “stand-alone” product.

The result was the Theraderm Skin Health System that restores sun-damaged or aged skin and produces youthful, natural beauty. Taking only minutes per day, women (or men) of any age or ethnicity and skin type could now incorporate products into their beauty routine specifically focused on skin health. Other plastic surgeons heard about the products, so I began to provide these incredible new products to their patients. It was a natural progression to start a company to make sure it could reach the masses.

Tell us about your bestselling skincare products and procedures.

One of our most unique products is Cool Skin, which stops the progression of a burn in its tracks, preventing skin damage from occurring. I began my career treating burns and developed this product to help burn victims recover, as there was nothing similar on the market. This solution uses Lactic Acid to stop intracellular damage from burning energy instantly.

Burns are caused by energy changes to the skin which can be caused by significant hot or cold temperature (dry ice, frostbite) changes, or even chemical burns. The burn effects are due to sudden severe temperature changes in relation to skin cell temperatures.

Cool Skin rapidly begins to reverse and repair any energy-caused burns after they happen, preventing permanent skin damage. The product works on every energy injury type from sunburn, radiation therapy skin burns, and thermal/heat burns from touching hot pans, grease splashes and curling irons.

When used within four to six hours after sun exposure, this patent-pending formula stops the injury process before symptoms like pain, blistering, and redness fully develop.

Our patented Eternox® Peptide Crème has proven itself clinically to have exceptional anti-ageing action and has been recognized by various awards. Backed by 31 patents, Eternox helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase skin smoothness, and extend the long-term results of clinical injectables. The key ingredient is Soluble Keratin Peptides, active molecules that cause rapid rebuilding of the collagen matrix.

These structural proteins restore sun-damaged skin to its natural thickness and strength that prevents laxity and wrinkles. Available only in Theraderm skin care products, they are proven to eliminate of up to 40 per cent of laxity in the skin.

The result is a markedly diminished number of skin wrinkles. Our testing showed these unique peptides to be the ultimate natural, active ingredient to restore damaged skin to a youthful look.

In your opinion, what could be the future of the medical aesthetics industry post-pandemic? And how are you strategizing your company’s operations for that future?

As proven years ago, during the great depression, when both money and goods were scarce, women continued to spend money on skincare products. Little expense could make their skin appearance look pretty and youthful! Our plan is to continue providing exceptional skincare products that are proven to diminish aging appearance while restoring both youthful texture and coloration to skin.

As an established leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the medical aesthetics industry?

My father instilled many business principles in me as I grew up. He died suddenly in the summer after my first year in medical school, leaving behind a business with 56 employees that I needed to manage for a year and a mother and six sisters to care for, so I took a year off from med school.

I luckily had good advisors as I ran the company and quickly learned about all aspects of business, which helped prepare me for running my future practice and business.

My advice would be to stop waiting. I encourage every person of any age or station in life to wake up every morning and think about who and what they could do to effect change in their own lives and others’ lives.

How do you envision scaling your company’s services in 2022 and beyond?

My major in college was chemistry. This allows me to originate essential aspects of our product formulations to get properties that direct skin condition characteristics and desired actions.

Each of our products is made using our own proprietary formulations. We choose specific containers and contract manufacturers for the custom production of our products to our specifications. Our manufacturing partners can scale up production to extremely large quantities if given a week or two lead times.



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