Top 5 Healthcare Solution Companies in 2023

Precisis GmbH: Treating Epilepsy Through Innovative Brain Stimulators
Usually, a common goal of therapy—in the case of Epilepsy—is to suppress and possibly prevent seizures. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that involves abnormal brain activity that results in seizures. While anti-epileptic drugs cannot cure epilepsy, but rather attempt to prevent seizures, they don’t...

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Biosency | Marie Pirotais
Biosency: Remote Monitoring and Prevention for Patients with Cardio-Respiratory Failure
Digital tools such as biosensors and physical trackers—have enabled both patients to seek the care they...


Artificial Intelligence, Image Analysis and Machine Learning in Pathology – Is it Really Valuable?
There has been a vast uptick in technological advancements in the laboratory industry for digital pathology...