Top 5 Impactful Healthcare Leaders to Watch in 2023 Vol 2

Ken Dychtwald, PhD - Healthy Longevity at the Tipping Point: A Five-Part Solution
The world has reached a critical juncture, facing a pressing issue that demands immediate attention: the escalating challenge of unhealthy aging. As our population ages at an unprecedented rate, societies around the globe find themselves at a tipping point. The implications of this growing problem encompass...

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Shai Policker
Shai Policker: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare
Everybody wants financial freedom, to live independently, and retire at an early age. But if you see,...
Stéphane Woerly
Stéphane Woerly: Leadership in Neurotechnology for Spinal Cord Innovation
Life is all about deals, some deals we do, take our career to the peak while some others can land us...