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U.S. expects insurers to cover COVID vaccine without copays

US officials said Tuesday that, once covid-19 vaccinations are created and distributed, health insurers are expected to cover the vaccinations without charging copays.
A senior Trump administration official told in a briefing that the government is negotiating the free offer of vaccines to patients with insurers. The industry previously agreed to cover coronavirus testing without charging copays.
If one or more formulations were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the white house plans for the initiative for the rapid development of millions of doses of COVID.

Early trials are being performed for candidate vaccines, with the goal of providing 300 million doses by the end of this year. The vaccine can be conceived by year-end only if everything goes right in the last tests this summer, Dr. Anthony Fauci said from the National Institutes of Health has stated.

Earlier Tuesday, senior officials provided an overview of the effort to produce, distribute, and deliver possible vaccines quickly.

Officials of the administration reported on Tuesday that, once available, COVID-19 will be delivered to the most vulnerable persons in line with priorities. The coronavirus has affected the elderly and those with other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, especially. Not every American will have to be vaccinated because millions of people are expected to be protected by antibodies of their own.



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