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Understanding Everything Regarding WHMIS Training Employees in Ontario

WHMIS Training

Ontario is a beautiful place and popular place for searching for trades, transport, equipment operation, processing, retail, and manufacturing jobs. Employees who are looking for employment in such fields are required to have a certain training known as WHMIS training.

Employees are required to have WHMIS training to minimize the risk of work-related injuries. Every year, there are 15 work-related injuries per thousand employees. To reduce this ratio, WHMIS training is very important. To further understand everything about WHMIS training, keep reading.

What is WHMIS training?

WHMIS is an abbreviation for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS training involves training in gasses, chemicals, and hazardous chemicals found at any workplace.

Workers who have this training can avoid the risk of injury and ensure they are working in a protected environment. In today’s time, WHMIS training is very important as it provides that the workplace is safe for all the employees and anyone handling the materials.

Employees who get WHMIS training learn how to dispose of and handle dangerous materials and read the safety labels mentioned on the chemicals which other workers cannot.

Why is WHMIS training important for workers?

WHMIS training is important for employees working in Canada to understand the hazards which are linked to chemicals, gasses, and hazardous materials. Employees who take this training are not only able to identify the dangers but are also able to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves as well as their co-workers.

A WHMIS online course can help employees use, store, and safely handle hazardous materials and chemicals in any workplace in Ontario as it provides standardized training and information to employees.

You need to develop a WHMIS program if you are a business owner or employer with their workers working with hazardous materials. As a business owner or employer, you have to ensure the safety of your workers.

WHMIS training prevents illnesses, accidents and injuries that occur due to hazardous materials. It provides an understanding and knowledge to the workers to deal with chemicals and establish a safe work environment for themselves as well as their co-workers.

Here are 4 major reasons why WHMIS training is important for employers and employees in Ontario:

  1. Legal Requirements

One of the biggest reasons why WHMIS training is necessary for almost every employee and employer who is associated with hazardous chemicals is the compliance with legal requirements. It is mandatory for all employers to give adequate training to their employees who are working with hazardous products and materials as per the Canadian law.

The HPA (Hazardous Products Act) and the CPR (Controlled Products Regulations) clearly outline the importance of WHMIS on the basis of Canada’s legal requirements. If anyone fails to comply with these legal requirements then they would have to pay severe penalties, fines and undergo legal action.

WHMIS is therefore essential for not only the safety of employees but for the legal compliance of Canada.

  1. Workplace Safety

Another major reason why WHMIS training is important is for workplace safety. Employees who take WHMIS training are well-informed about the risks associated with the chemicals they are handling at work. WHMIS training provides necessary information on how employees should handle and store these hazardous chemicals and what to do if something goes wrong.

When workers are handling such hazardous products, it is very likely that they get injured or they undergo an accident which might lead to the destruction of not only the workplace but also the employee’s life may be at risk. In order to avoid just risks and accidents, WHMIS training is extremely important.

After taking WHMIS training employees are able to identify the potential hazards and take the necessary precautions in order to maintain a safe working environment for themselves and their co-workers.

Employers often have to face costly compensation claims by employees who undergo injuries and accidents due to the hazardous products at work. By providing WHMIS training to the workers, employers can save themselves from these costly claims,

  1. Employees Protection

WHMIS training is important for employee protection. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the worker’s health and safety of the workers who are working for you. If the nature of your business is associated with the use of hazardous chemicals then you must ensure the safety of your employees.

Illnesses, injuries and accidents are very common in a workplace where harmful chemicals are used which is why it is very essential to provide WHMIS training to employees so that they understand the risk and take the necessary precautions while handling hazardous substances.

  1. Hazard Communication

When employees are given WHMIS training, they are able to properly identify, classify and communicate the hazardous materials to other employees through training, labels and safety data sheets.

Most accidents and injuries occur because the worker is not aware of the hazardous substance present in the container. If one employee is able to communicate the hazards to his or her co-workers, many lives can be saved.

WHMIS training provides workers sufficient understanding of the hazards and how to handle them at work. Employees are able to save themselves from accidents and injuries as well as create a safe environment for others.

Benefits of WHMIS Training

Still not convinced why WHMIS training is important for employees in Ontario? Here are a few benefits of WHMIS training:

  1. Boost Awareness of Workplace Hazards

Most employees are not aware of the dangers of the chemicals, gasses or other products they are handling while working. They are just doing their routine jobs without the necessary knowledge and precautions to take while handling such dangerous substances.

This leads to mishaps, fires, and serious injuries. In many cases, employees get badly injured or burned. These accidents can be avoided if employees know how to handle hazardous substances and materials. WHMIS training provides the necessary awareness about the workplace hazards and how one can avoid accidents.

  1. Enhanced Emergency Response

Workers in most workplaces are not able to save themselves from injuries because they lack sufficient safety training. In most cases, the workers get badly injured due to their carelessness. Employees can save themselves or get less injured if they are given training on how to handle chemicals and deal with emergencies.

By providing WHMIS training to your employees, you are actually training them on how to act in an emergency.

  1. Lower Risk of Injuries and Accidents

WHMIS training will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries as employees will be able to identify and handle the hazardous substances safely. They will be able to understand the risks and how to safely handle chemicals, gasses and other hazardous products.

Moreover, they will be trained on how to act in an emergency situation which will help them ensure their safety as well as their co-workers. Hence, the risk of accidents and injuries would be lessened and a safe working environment would be established.

  1. Avoid Government Fines and Penalties.

The Canadian government has made WHMIS training compulsory for employees in Ontario. If you have provided your employees with WHMIS training then you will not have to face the legal actions taken by the government. You will be saved from the costly fines and penalties that employers who do not provide WHMIS training have to pay.


What are the elements of WHMIS?

The elements of WHMIS training include safety data sheets, product classification, hazard identification and labeling.

How many types of WHMIS training are there?

There are two types of WHMIS training. One is general WHMIS training and the other one is Workplace-specific WHMIS training.

What is the use of WHMIS training?

There are three major uses of WHMIS training:

  • It gives information on the risks of hazardous chemicals that are used in a workplace.
  • It gives employees information on how to safely handle, use and store these dangerous chemicals and products.
  • It makes sure that the employees are trained and educated about the hazardous chemicals and how to respond in an emergency.


The above article sheds light on the importance of WHMIS training and why every employer must provide it to its employees in Ontario. WHMIS training courses are also available online, which employees can take to save time and gain the necessary education about dangerous chemicals and products.

WHMIS training is very important for employees who deal with and handle hazardous substances and chemicals. Every worker and employee must take WHMIS training so that they can lower the risk of injuries and accidents while driving dangerous substances.

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