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US passes 120,000 virus deaths


On Monday, the United States reached an exceedingly number of 120,000 coronavirus deaths when 425 additional deaths were added within 24 hours, the Johns Hopkins University count reported.

With more than 2,31 million official cases, 640,000 people have fully recovered according to the Baltimore Institution.

The toll of 305 deaths in 24 hours was one of the lowest in the past few months, but in the weekend and shortly thereafter, depending on feedback from local health authorities, it has usually been lower.

Many states largely lifted lock-down measures, and New York, the pandemic epicenter in the country, on Monday took a major step by reopening non-essential businesses.

However, around 20 states have been experiencing a rebound in infections, mainly in the south and west.

According to local health authorities, Florida had more than 100,000 cases, of which almost 3,000 were reported only on Monday.

President Donald Trump stated on Monday that the number of people dead in the United States could exceed 150,000, but stressed that 2 to 4 million lives would have been lost had the country not taken any measures to slow the disease spread.

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