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Wearable Devices: The Future of Telemedicine Industries

Wearable Devices | Insights Care

Wearable technology is going to establish its place at a large scale to impact a new change to the healthcare sectors. It is nothing but some wearable devices provided with sensors that can be worn on the body and connected to an app depending upon the shape and specification of the device or product to perform certain tasks on the body. Everyone knows that healthcare industry spends a lot of time on research and experiment, but given the fast pace of the moving world and technology world, it is not the best solution to be followed. In order to reduce the hours spent on experiments, wearable devices are brought into the real environment which helps in understanding the condition of the body on a daily basis.

Today, these devices look same as watches, bands and glasses that are normally worn by the people that provide information and alerts for each part of the body specifically including the action and performance of the body. These abled wearable devices will be very useful to everyone that does not cause any side effects to the body. Here are some of the wearable devices which can help the people in the near future:

Smart Glove

Smart Glove is a high-tech rehab device with a lightweight of approximately 130 g, which can be worn effortlessly by connecting to its respective app and proceeding to play the rehabilitation games. The app is connected to a computer system which can accurately compute the amount of individual finger movements. It provides various kinds of motion tasks such as ADL-related tasks with entertainment while considering both clinical effectiveness and fun factors.

The algorithm automatically adjusts to the optimal level of difficulty with a bending sensor, a variable resistor, which changes according to the bent which helps the play to balance challenge and increase motivation. The sensor is a 9-axis movement & position sensor that consists of 3 acceleration channels, 3 angular rate channels and 3 magnetic field channels that measures wrist movements.

Fever Scout

The Fever Scout is a FDA-smart thermometer with flexible soft wearable patch worn under the armpits which will continuously measures temperature and sends information to the smartphone through an app. Rechargeable and Reusable Fever Scout is constantly monitoring the body temperature and it includes a wireless charging dock (3 AAA batteries). The mobile app track and alert the loved ones about the temperature seamlessly through the smartphone for up to 130 feet.

Fitness Socks

Garments and pieces of clothing that are worn every day will be sensor equipped in the near future. These smart socks are smart-fabric enabled wearable devices for health and fitness that can improve speed, pace, cadence and foot landing. Virtual coach provides audio and video real-time feedback when it is paired with a bluetooth enabled anklet of a run app which may also help to prevent injuries.

Glucose Watch Tracker

Glucose Watch is a wearable tracker which is equipped with a revolutionary biosensor that can measure the body glucose effortlessly and painlessly in just a matter of seconds when in contact with the skin. Nowadays, diabetes is rapidly increasing causing blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, lower limb amputation. In order to control the risk of diabetes, glucose watch allows diabetics to self-monitor their glucose levels without the need for painful blood-based tests. Glucose watch requires no calibration, just a simple press gesture on the watch to display the glucose level on the screen.


Bracelets will be used to detect the very beginning of the fertile window by providing week by week content about the changing body and growing baby in real time. It tracks sleep, physiological stress levels, and resting heart rate and compare weekly weight gain to standard recommendations by supporting optimal health. It also impacts health with features like symptom tracking, trend analysis, graphs, and more. Trend analysis allows seeing how the menstrual cycle impacts the way throughout the month.

As per the present world, there are several wearable devices to help and support by giving solutions about human health conditions. The companies will never put an end to develop the technology further as there are plenty of wearable devices yet to be found to serve the healthcare industries. These wearable devices will help to know the condition of the body and at the same time, painful blood test and standing to fill the form are not necessary anymore to know the body’s health conditions.



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