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WeFitter: Health and Wellness Habits to Improve Lifestyle

In the last couple of years, people are largely shifting their lifestyle preferences towards living a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, People are proactively taking an interest in living a “wellbeing-oriented” lifestyle instead of a “preventive-focused” through opting for routine exercise, measured calorie intake, balanced nutrition consumption, scheduled sleep time, and set targets that are synced with their fitness goals.

The healthcare and well-being solutions providers—being aware of this paradigm shift in consumer preferences—are coming up with solutions that support, enhance and contribute to improving consumers’ physical and mental well-being.

Health and fitness applications and accessories address well-being factors such as sleep quality, diet and nutrition, and even menstrual cycles, which have proven to improve consumers’ experience towards ensuring a healthy lifestyle. For instance, wearable health devices that are equipped with sensors manage to monitor heart and pulse rate and track physical activities at the same time.

Providing a plethora of such innovations, WeFitter stands out as a prominent organization that offers well-being and fitness solutions with a proven track record of serving the needs of its health-conscious clients.

WeFitter is a product of Thunderbyte.AI (an experienced company that helps organizations with AI and Machine Learning challenges), dedicated to fully transforming the needs of preventive health and becomes meet the future of digital health and well-being.

Through its ground-breaking rich features, easy integration, and fun and simple gamification, WeFitter manages to attain—healthier end-user lifestyles—powered by software and advancements in technology. Under the proficient leadership of Nick Bosscher, the Business Owner, WeFitter offers a unique combination of wearable connections combined with gamification and AI in one easy-to-integrate health API.

A Plethora of Ground-breaking Offerings

WeFitter offers a unique combination of wearable connections in one easy-to-integrate health API. This saves the company’s partners a lot of time as they can integrate these connections in a matter of hours and have a lot of the big wearable brands covered in one go.

Adding to that, it has gamification features that are offered to increase engagement, retention in platforms, and ultimately healthy lifestyles. In a personalized dashboard, WeFitter allows clients to create challenges, teams, points, badges, and many more things, to encourage end-users of their platform or app to start moving or engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, the team of WeFitter is working on a couple of AI-powered modules to predict personal health statistics and create personalized experiences. One of its newest modules aims to provide dynamic biological age estimation based on wearable data only.

Behind this innovation is the principle that bio age is an ultimate marker to engage people into healthier lifestyles. For this reason, they have partnered up with the Amsterdam University Medical Centre, that conducts several types of research on aging in relation to physical activity.

Instead of thinking of a way to let end-users engage in an activity or challenge, all WeFitter’s gamification features make sure that engagement is improved, end-users are motivated to take part in a challenge and increase their health.

WeFitter’s team has created building blocks for its clients with hundreds of gamification experiences that they can use. The only thing that their partners have to do is create a beautiful and engaging front and/or UX on top of it. For this, they also help these partners during the onboarding to create the best setup by looking at platform goals and use cases.

Blend of Assurance with Reliability

At WeFitter, Privacy is very important since wearable data is very sensitive and personal information. Therefore, the company doesn’t have any personal information saved in its system for end-users or consumers, nor does it need it to make the system work. Through this privacy-by-design approach, WeFitter is GDPR & HIPAA-compliant and is certified with ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 data security certificates.

Depending on the consumer’s wants and needs, WeFitter provides variations in its pricing packages. In terms of offerings, the company is also flexible with its pricing to make the best fit for the business model of its clients. In many cases, OEM or fixed-fee models are also worked out. WeFitter’s solution is scalable because the number of end-users doesn’t matter. The company can handle it due to its experience since 2009 with high volumes of data. The more end-user a customer has, the lower the cost per user will be. This turns the current market challenge of engaging end-users in different types of markets into a time-efficient solution. Instead of organizing a boot camp occasionally, the dashboard administrator can set up challenges whenever they want, and the engagement of the end-users will go up.

Benchmarking Excellence

WeFitter holds a lot of experience in IT, digital health and AI. By adapting to new technologies, it can offer new modules, features, and solutions that will help even more markets and businesses in turning problems into possibilities.

The company is always on the lookout for new wearables that are entering the market. In the upcoming year, WeFitter will be connecting a new clinically validated and FDA-approved wearable that will be able to monitor blood pressure via a wristband without any manual handling needed by the end user. This will provide blood pressure data every 2 hours a day. The use cases this opens for the clients are endless.

Words of Wisdom

To grow a digital health business and engage health-conscious customers, Nick suggests, “See everything that comes on your path as a possibility, not as a problem. Experiment, be proactive, learn from mistakes, and most importantly, just do it. In the process, follow your intuition when you meet business partners, companies, and investors.”

Beyond the current operations, WeFitter aims to become a market leader in terms of digital health solutions and wearable connections APIs. In addition, the company believes that it can add more value to its existing products with AI-powered modules. Ultimately, WeFitter’s mission is to make the world a healthier place by making it easy to integrate building blocks for health platforms.

The Journey of A Proficient Leader

My name is Nick, and I have always been a sports enthusiast. In my youth, I played a lot of tennis but growing up; I played a lot of other types of sports. But at the moment, I do cross-fit, padel, kitesurfing, and play tennis again. I have studied Human Resources, where I got the chance to be an entrepreneur in student business. It excited me so much that I decided to use the contacts I made there, through which I encountered the CEO of Thunderbyte.AI.

Thunderbyte.AI was willing to help set up WeFitter. A couple of years along the line, WeFitter has grown, and it is my passion to succeed with WeFitter.

The Bequest

“When working in the field of health tech, it is important to work with trustworthy partners who understand what you are doing. The connection with WeFitter has both these aspects and hence works!”

– Michiel, Co-founder & MD, Champ

“WeFitter is a vital part of the HealthBlocks app, offering wearable connections. It offers the users the possibility to unlock the value of their own health data!”

– Rosanne, Co-founder, HealthBlocks

“The WeFitter service is a key element for Sanitas, bringing us the data with wearables. The customer has programs to connect their wearable, which helps doctors with healthcare advice based on wearable data.”

– Jesus, Director of New Products and Digital Services, Sanitas

“WeFitter has significantly supported our business by implementing gamification: the quality of the customer experience has significantly improved, and we have been able to better track and achieve strategic business goals.”

 – Sandra, Marketing Manager, MyVitale

“WeFitter challenges are a fun and accessible way to get started. The result? Fitter users and more customer interaction.’’

– Maurice, Advisor Sustainable Employability Nationale Nederlanden

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