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Well-Loved CBD Hemp Flower Strains Like Sour Space Candy

Well-Loved CBD Hemp Flower Strains Like Sour Space Candy

CBD Hemp Flower Strains Like Sour Space Candy

Users often struggle to find the ideal hemp bud strain rich in CBD. The process is a time-intensive, gradual undertaking, but it’s essential to invest adequate effort. The choices are numerous but narrowing these down is possible, considering the effect desired, whether it’s organically grown, and the aroma and taste preferred.

Research can be considerable but is essential when attempting to find a source of high standards like those at who provide only the best quality products. A grade-A company will produce natural herbs that go through lab testing to show no contamination so users can feel confident in their selections.

Once the relationship forms, this resource can serve as a guide in searching for high CBD Hemp Flower strains, for example, Sour Space Candy or OG Kush from Royal Queen Seeds, that will most benefit each specific need. It’s unwise to limit yourself to one choice. Try several because each will offer unique benefits.

Practices To Follow When Selecting The Best CBD-Rich Hemp Bud Strains

If you aren’t using cannabidiol (CBD), you likely have at least heard the term. The industry is quickly gaining incredible popularity, with legalization spanning several countries.

The medical community is beginning to view the compound in a favorable light as new and continuing research exhibits positivity for the substance, with one strength being pain management and many people consuming it for symptom management with anxiety and stress.

Vaping and smoking CBD flowers are beginning to edge out other product options like topicals and extracts; thus, users search for the best strains available. What might prove to be a beneficial strain for one person may not necessarily help another person, so creating a “best” strain list can be entirely subjective. But it is possible to produce a list of those that seem to be most known. Some of those include:

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a strain noted for being rich in CBD at over 20%, making it one of the most cannabidiol-dominant on the market. These dense, heavy buds come in medium to large, highlighted by purple, offering extensive resin on the surface. The result of consuming the flower boasts a lift to your mood.

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze boasts a CBD content at 18%, also resulting in an uplifting sensation that makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a smooth taste. The bud displays in pale green with thin foliage.


Lifter is like Hawaiian Haze in its CBD content of 18%. As opposed to boosting, it’s more calming and relaxing, boasting as offering a sense of tranquility or a bit of peace following a tense afternoon.

The strain has a sweet/sour aroma with a taste almost like lemon zest sourness combined with redwood sweetness. The bud is not heavy but rather wispy in weight and appearance, with a trichome coating making the flower look frosted.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel offers an incomparable potency making it stand out among the crowd. As its name suggests, the aroma is almost like a diesel fuel along with undertones of citrus. The intense aroma and flavor make it among the most popular options. It’s not beautiful, offering a standard green display, orange pistils, and a sticky surface. Its CBD content registers at over 20%.


Premium Hemp Bud Attributes

A few factors contribute to a CBD-rich hemp bud’s overall quality and performance. Check out these quality strains. Of course, first and foremost, you’ll need to find the optimum brand from whom to purchase, one that follows only the best standards, including providing products grown organically.

  • Terpenes: The terpene profile dictates the hemp buds’ overall aroma and taste. When making your selection, this is one aspect to consider because it will play a vital part in your experience with the CBD flower.

The terpenes are the one distinguishing element offering a unique experience for your senses from one strain to another.

  • % CBD: For those who rely on CBD for the therapeutic aspects, including pain management, you should pay attention to the CBD level. Conventional CBD flowers will provide consistency between 10 and 18%, but rich options offer content as high as 20%.
  • Processing Techniques: When you purchase CBD-rich hemp buds instead of topicals or extracts, it is vital to become aware of the type of processing the flower goes through. You want to find out if the plant was organically grown. It would help if you also learned about trimming practices and the curing of the seller.

The best company will be transparent with their processes and offer independent services’ lab testing results. If your inquiries go unanswered or information refused, that is a supplier you want to avoid. If you buy a product containing seeds, an unusual odor, or the texture is moist, avoid use.

Searching for the best CBD-rich flower can prove challenging for users, with the process requiring you to engage in extensive research to find a reputable source from whom to buy high-quality products. That involves reading reviews/testimonials, checking ratings, and looking into their production practices.

Once you are comfortable with whom you’ve chosen, this will be the ideal resource to guide you to the products that will serve you best for your particular needs. Make sure there is a broad range of premium strain options. These will provide a unique array of benefits to sample if you are unsure how you want the products to work for you just yet.



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