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Wings of Freedom to Combat Addiction

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Dr. Howard Rusk, the father of rehabilitation, wrote in his autobiography, “…Once a person overcomes a disability through his own courage, determination and hard work, he has a depth of spirit which you and I know little about.. Rehabilitation is a branch of medicine in which the patient has more power than the doctor in setting the limits and possibilities…”

Rehabilitation becomes mandatory when an individual loses his track and falls onto a wrong path and it becomes a tough task to bring him back to the right path. It is a hard situation where the patient must learn to live an addiction free life after completing the treatment. This is when a rehabilitation center comes in as a savior. These are the centers that provide the complete treatment and training to the clients, wherein they are given vocational, occupational, and physical therapy depending up on patient’s needs.

In this regard, we have come up with the issue ‘The 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2019’ Project which features the leading rehab centers that deliver astounding services to its client.



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