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Women Health Tracking App Development: History, Forecasts, and Recommendations

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Nowadays, practically all smartphone owners use health-tracking applications to monitor their and their loved ones’ health. These apps can check the pulse, blood pressure, weight, exercise, sleep, and other vital signs. Millions of individuals use wrist trackers, a type of wearable that is also currently available. However, you might want to know about women health tracking app development. You can learn about building women’s health apps.

However, women’s health-related period monitoring applications have been lacking in the market for a while now. However, in the past year or two, their emergence has been noticed due to the market’s availability of various women’s health-tracking apps, period-tracking apps, and birth-control apps.

What is FemTech?

Software, diagnoses, goods, and services that use technology to advance women’s health are called femtech or female technology. In many respects, the well-known mHealth apps category defines the function of mobile applications in empowering women. Femtech refers to the use of digital technology to make applications accessible to users and use them to address women’s health issues.

The CEO of Clue created the term “Femtech.” A popular period-tracking program is called Clue. Any technology designed to improve women’s lives is referred to as femtech. The FemTech app provides unique features to meet all women’s healthcare needs. For instance, pregnancy tracker apps, menstrual tracker apps, and female health tracker apps make life easier for women. Femtech is but one more burgeoning specialty.

Benefits of Women’s Health Tracking App

Knowing the benefits of femtech will help with how to build women’s health applications.

  1. Gives women control over their lives and health

The femtech app seeks to give women greater control over their health, happiness, and well-being. Female health-tracking apps offer valuable insights into physical issues and assist women in making knowledgeable decisions when necessary. Additionally, it promotes scientific understanding of the state of our bodies. Femtech offers chances to learn more about female bodies, hormones, etc.

  1. Prompt health issues identification and treatment

Femtech gives women a better understanding of their bodies and complete medical knowledge, allowing them to recognize and address health issues quickly. For instance, many health issues would be identified as early as feasible if periods are frequently observed, and aberrant cycles are promptly identified.

  1. Improving rural areas’ access to care

Making healthcare available to women is a pressing matter. Women’s health issues are frequently viewed as taboo topics, which makes it more difficult for them to seek medical counsel and treatment, especially for infertility, menstrual health, birth control, and sexual wellness. Digital healthcare chains enable women to receive healthcare virtually from the comfort of their homes by offering robust healthcare mobility options.

Popular Women Health Tracking App

If you want to know how to develop an app for women’s health, you should know the popular ones that exist. They include:

  1. Clue

Clue is the most widely used health tracker app for precise period monitoring. The best menstrual cycle tracker and ovulation app enable you to recognize particular menstrual cycle patterns. This women’s health software utilizes machine learning to forecast your periods; PMS lets you know which days are fertile and which aren’t and assists you in preventing unintended conception. This feature-rich app helps you in keeping track of all the changes in your menstrual cycle, including ovulation, fertility, cravings, moods, and how each of these is related to your health in a period calendar.

  1. Natural Cycles

A period tracker and contraception app called Natural Cycles. While most mobile fitness tracking apps for women let you regularly track and monitor your basal body temperature, Natural Cycles is the only one that includes a basal body thermometer that measures your temperature to one-hundredth of a degree rather than the standard one-tenth. The software’s algorithm improves as you collect more data when learning your particular cycle.

  1. Flo

Women in 30 nations use the AI-based Flo period tracker, ovulation, and fertility calendar. It is well renowned for being a precise timer, a reliable pregnancy calculator, an accurate ovulation calendar, and much more. When users enter data, Flo utilizes AI to analyze it. Consistent logging ensures that AI provides the most accurate predictions of ovulation, fertility, and general menstrual health.

  1. Eve

The data science firm Glow introduced Eve in 2015. This period tracking app is adored for its simple design and distinctive features like Cycloscope, which shows your current cycle phase and any present-day health problems. One of the top applications for women’s health also has a sizable integrated social network where users may exchange advice and expertise. Reviewing previous periods, menstrual cycles, PMS signs, and ovulation dates is possible.

Features of Building Women’s Health App

You should add these features to women’s health app development. They will help with how to create a female health-tracking app.

  1. Smooth Onboarding: Onboarding is familiarizing your users with the requirements for success. By ensuring that everyone is familiar with how things operate from day one, efficient onboarding aids in client retention. You have two onboarding options: social media integration or email and passwords.
  2. Health Profile: By filling out the necessary details, users may quickly establish a user profile using the detailed health profile. It’s crucial to avoid pestering people with pointless queries because they share their most private information.
  3. Notifications: Notifications are crucial for your application to connect with consumers and maintain their interest. You can alert them to log entries, remind them to take their prescriptions, or signal the beginning of the next phase of their cycle.
  4. Menstrual cycle tracking: One of the most fundamental yet crucial elements of any women’s health monitoring software is the capability to track menstrual cycles. With this information, anomalies in their cycles can be identified, as well as ovulation and fertile windows.
  5. Confidentiality and Security: Because the app deals with private health data, ensuring user information is secure and secret is crucial. Users should be able to select who can access their data through the app’s privacy settings. To safeguard user privacy and data security, enable password protection and permission.
  6. Connectivity: The app must be able to connect to other systems and devices to be effective. For instance, it should be able to sync with devices like glucometers and activity trackers. It should also be able to communicate with clinics and doctor’s offices to schedule appointments and exchange medical information. You should add this feature when building a women’s health app.
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