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XENOBOTS: World’s first reproducing Robots



Scientists from Vermont, Tuft, and Harvard University claim that they have created the world’s first ‘living robots’ from frog cells and these living bots can reproduce. They achieved this by removing living stem cells from the embryos of frogs and incubating them in a lab.

They christened the living robots Xenobots. Because the stem cells were taken from embryos of Xenopus, a species of African clawed frog. The scientist further revealed that these stem cells have the capability to grow into different types of brain, blood, and bone cells.

According to these researchers, this could revolutionize healthcare with the help of biological plasticity paving the way for applications across AI and regenerative medicine. They are planning to learn and then create new machine learning architecture based on these living bots. Scientists are very excited about this discovery, as they say, it really fades the line in between robotics and biology.



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