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You First Services Group of Companies: Exploring the Unexplored Medical World

You First Services Group of Companies | Satish Sharma
You First Services Group of Companies | Satish Sharma

Infection is one of the most dreaded words in recent times, as the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic gave the world a reality check.

As a social species, we humans need to socialize for our co-mutual adherence. However, people are almost unaware of the various infectious diseases that they may carry with them. Because of the microscopic nature of such dreadful pathogens, social distancing from these infectious viruses is almost impossible.

These infections catch us off guard all the time. However, nowadays, using modern technological solutions, it is possible to prevent them. With the aid of technology, a company that has successfully developed and launched products in the fields of oral healthcare, sterilization, and infectious diseases is You First Services, Inc.

The company was formed in May of 2013 to acquire and commercialize unique, healthcare-related technologies with high market potential.

Determined to bring ground-breaking innovations in the healthcare field using the latest and greatest technology is Satish Sharma, MD, FACS, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of You First Services Group of Companies.

Without a wait, let’s dive into the story of YFS in developing and providing pioneering medical innovations to the world.

Rising Up

Since its inception, the company has had a track record of product formulation, evaluation, and development; product stability, safety testing; IRB (Internal Review Board) approvals; clinical trial approvals; FDA regulatory guidelines, and 510(k) medical device submissions and clearances, meeting product labeling regulatory requirements: manufacturing and production scale-up for commercialization purposes; Quality Management System implementation and the establishment of business operations support including an in-digital media center, inventory management, and control, website development, a digital marketing sales team and an expanding outside sales team.

YFS’s technical, operations, and management systems have provided the organization with scalability and experience in the evaluation of new intellectual property development and the timely introduction of new applications into the marketplace. In addition, the company has successfully fostered third-party relationships in the areas of R&D and commercialization, including ongoing collaborations with the medical and dental communities; government grant agencies; tax abatement and regulatory entities; and university research entities based on the product benefits and commercialization potential recognized by these groups for its existing and soon to be introduced new technologies.

In addition to existing patents and other intellectual property, the company has completed new patent applications for its project to eliminate biofilms on catheters and other medical devices. YFS has three primary divisions that include Oral care, disinfection & sterilization, and infectious disease control program.

Excellence at the Core

Established on a foundation of shared values, YFS seeks to provide its employees and partners with ways to explore their full potential while empowering them to further refine their strengths for mutual growth. Dr. Sharma, discussing the core focus of the company, says, “Exploring the intellectual frontiers is our aim. Our goal is to successfully develop unique scientific research into effective, accessible, and affordable healthcare applications and ensure they reach the doorsteps of those who need them the most.

YFS aspires to be an innovative, reliable, and ambitious company that consistently fulfills its purpose and brings exceptional value to its clients, partners, and employees. “With this success, we are committed to setting high standards while inspiring excellence and bringing positive change to improve the health and well-being of our local, national, and global communities,” adds Dr. Sharma. 

The Accomplished Leader

Dr. Satish Sharma, a urologic surgeon, is a recipient of the Union of International Cancer Control award, the Norwegian Cancer Society fellowship award, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is an accomplished clinical, technology, and innovative leader who spearheads various YFS programs to enhance productivity, agility, and affordability while expanding national and international operations.

Under Dr. Sharma’s effective leadership, the company has evolved as a multifaceted, multi-technology platform. With his clear vision and understanding of scientific observations and theories, YFS has achieved operational excellence in a short period of time while going through the rigorous process of research, development, and commercialization and has successfully introduced meaningful, credible, and laudable health care applications while redefining healthcare quality.

Moreover, You First Services, Inc. has developed strong collaborations with multiple academic and healthcare organizations and attracted highly accomplished medical and scientific leaders for participation in its programs. The YFS’s innovative projects have been acknowledged at various forums and awarded with numerous grants. The company continues to establish strategic partnerships with leading multinational organizations to ensure sustained growth. YFS has been recognized and honored with the Bright Buffalo Niagara award in 2018 thanks to Dr. Sharma’s collaborative approach and partnerships efforts with academic and industry organizations. This award recognizes entities that have outstanding collaborative relationships with the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Sharma is a member of the American Urologic Association and the American College of Surgeons. He is a Research Associate Professor of Urology with the Department of Urology, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo. He has remained on the adjunct faculty of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine as a clinical instructor. He completed his medical degree in 1986. He has multiple research and clinical fellowship trainings to his credit. He has held government and private sector clinical healthcare positions.

Dr. Sharma participates in a leadership role in the Global Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Treatment initiative through the Global Infectious Diseases Research Training Program (GIDTRP) with the University at Buffalo’s Translational Pharmacology Research Core in the NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. The purpose of his involvement is to advance technology implementation and medical collaboration and to focus on the training of basic, translational, and clinical scientists to combat infectious diseases. He also serves as a member of the sustainable development leadership committee, Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo. This committee focuses on the challenges that low- and middle-income countries face when implementing new initiatives.

He is a member of the steering committee of the Western New York COVID-19 research collaborative, Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo. Dr. Sharma is the President of the YFS Foundation and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. He is committed to the cause of international girl child education and promoting scientific research here in the United States.

Signifying R&D in the Medical Field

R&D is the key factor in facilitating innovations. Dr. Sharma believes that clinical research provides the opportunity to explore and assess the needs of society. In his view, “Knowledge and best practice in medicine keep changing on a continuous basis. As new research and experience broaden our knowledge, changes in practice, diagnosis, and treatment may become necessary or appropriate.”

Speaking about his experience in the medical R&D space, Dr. Sharma says, “time and exposure give a medical professional the ability to develop an insight into the intricacies of medical science. My work exposure as a urologic surgeon and participation in clinical research programs besides clinical care gave me a comprehensive understanding of the broader and fascinating side of medical science.”

He adds, “To develop a new idea or technology from concept to real healthcare application, compliance with the regulatory standards, outreach, and then commercialization is a great challenge.”

Dr. Sharma’s understanding of the broader impact of clinical, translational research, has helped him to consolidate his impression of its massive outreach to patients and the public in general at an unimaginable scale worldwide and strengthened his resolve to make a positive impact on the lives of numerous people at the same time. He highlights that “With a clear understanding that the clinical and translational research outcomes can be very time-consuming, the YFS platform was established to explore the unexplored in the medical world and create opportunities for academicians, physicians and Scientists to find the expression of their thoughts.”

Next Generation Beyond HEPA Filter Technology

YFS is a result-driven organization aspiring to be a leader in combating infections. Its state-of-the-art disinfection and sterilization programs are uniquely backed by university-originated research.

The company’s patented SteriSpace® Military Grade Air Sterilization, Patient Isolation, and Airborne Pathogen Containment System is the ‘Next generation beyond HEPA Filter Technology’ with proven measurable results to eliminate airborne biological contamination including viruses, bacteria, hardy bacterial spores, and other contagious pathogens including anthrax simulants with an effectiveness of 6-log reduction, surpassing current technologies.

This cutting-edge technology is well poised to become the new standard of care for air quality and provide much-needed protection for airborne communicable diseases during the current and future pandemics as well as daily in hospitals, schools, government organizations, transportation, homeland security, biosafety labs and meeting the defense.

YFS’s hydrogen peroxide gas plasma-based disinfection technology will effectively contribute toward containing medical device-induced infections in the healthcare system. The company’s pioneering oral care program has been very well appreciated in general by physicians, pharmacists, and patients for bringing much-needed relief to a broad community of patients and oncology patients. In particular, with large national retail chains, the federal healthcare system, oncology institutes and clinics, and other healthcare organizations adding YFS’s oral care program to their operations, it reflects its increasing brand value.

YFS has introduced MetaQil®, the first of its kind product to the health care market, to meet the consistent need for an effective solution to address the metallic taste in the mouth. A slew of products is in the pipeline as the company continues to analyze newer applications through clinical trials being completed at different healthcare institutions.

The SteriSpace® System

With the changing healthcare realities all over the world, the outlook of governments and other organizations worldwide regarding their preparedness and readiness for current and future pandemics as well as finding solutions to combat the current healthcare emergencies has changed.

As COVID-19 infections swept through countries, killing millions, airborne threats have risen to the top of the agenda. “These healthcare emergencies have highlighted the existing inadequacies and the need to have state-of-the-art technologies in place to combat the infections effectively,” underlines Dr. Sharma.

Furthermore, he reminds people of a health emergency that took place two decades ago. He says, “You may recall the SARS outbreak in Toronto, Ontario, Canada almost twenty years ago, where the SARS virus was transmitted to new patients through ventilation system ductwork.”

The SteriSpace® System can substantially reduce airborne biological transmissions such as this. The SteriSpace® System has been designed to reduce airborne pathogens in a single pass air stream using a patented compressive heating process,” Dr. Sharma added.

The technology has been independently tested with the assistance of close to 5.0 million in research and development funded directly by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), which conclusively demonstrated that SteriSpace® kills >99.9999% (6-log reduction) of airborne biological threats in a single pass.

There are a number of significant applications for SteriSpace®, including the following:

  • Command, Control, and Cybersecurity Command Centers
  • Biosafety Lab Protection
  • Military, Government, and Public Facilities
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Disaster Areas
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
  • Positive Pressure Clean Rooms
  • Hospital Containment rooms – positive pressure application
  • Schools and Educational facilities – gathering areas, nurses offices and teacher/staff lounges
  • Homeland Security and Border Entry Points

Another important target application for the SteriSpace® is in a portable isolation/quarantine room or emergency shelter. Individuals with a suspected infection of a highly contagious infectious disease (Influenza, MDR-TB, XDR-TB, etc.) can be placed in an isolation/quarantine area where negative pressure is maintained.

The SteriSpace technology further supports a number of recent Administration initiatives, including the following:

The American Pandemic Preparedness Plan: The goals include the development and deployment of new technologies to improve indoor air quality in buildings and other infrastructure and incentivize the private sector to suppress pathogen transmission among people. 

National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan: To encourage good ventilation and improve indoor air quality, the U.S. government will launch the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge,” a call for all building managers/engineers, business owners, and organization leaders to take on key strategies to improve ventilation in buildings and implement cost-effective ventilation and air filtration improvements in buildings across the country.

The Pandemic Innovation Task Force to Improve Ventilation and Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Buildings: The Administration will continue to advance indoor air quality in buildings in new ways, such as by catalyzing scientific and technological innovation to reduce disease transmission indoors.

We are very excited and proud to introduce this unique technology as the new standard of care to combat airborne infections. Similarly, our hydrogen peroxide plasma glow-based technology can play a major role in reducing healthcare-associated infections,” said Dr. Sharma.

Getting Ahead in Healthcare with Technology 

Healthcare matters are sensitive and need to be dealt with delicately. Technology is crucially aiding the healthcare sector in saving countless lives. Discussing the essence of technology in healthcare, Dr. Sharma says, “Innovative technologies are very important to physician success in their daily clinical practice. Everything that we do in medical practice evolves from scientific principles.”

He adds, “Innovations have seen robust growth in various fields of medicine and have been promulgated by physicians to address multiple healthcare issues.”

From Dr. Sharma’s point of view, the fascinating science of medicine in combination with the cutting-edge technologies based on laws of mechanics, physics, chemistry, and biology will enable physicians to provide state-of-the-art healthcare services to patients. He says, “Newer technologies, while giving a new stature to the treating physicians, also provide them with the tools to manage complex problems and simultaneously create great confidence between the providers and patients.

Furthermore, he says that the technologies that seem to be like magic at times bring a thrilling experience to the physician workspace. To speak about a few, innovations like endoscopes, robots, genetic science, diagnostic tools, scanners, nano particles, and so many other medical devices have changed the shape of the medical world, and the ways patients are treated in the modern era.

The advancement of digital imaging technology, combined with optical engineering and improved video displays, enables surgeons to perform therapeutic interventions inside body cavities without making larger incisions.”

According to Dr. Sharma, the field of nanotechnology is heralding a potential revolution in drug delivery methods. He says, “Physicians can deliver drugs precisely affecting only the cells harboring the disease, with many fewer side effects and a greater degree of therapeutic benefit. That is what technologies will bring to physicians in their daily work.”

The YFS Foundation

Along with creating cutting-edge technology solutions in the medical sector, You First Services, Inc., has also established a foundation to provide educational support. The YFS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable corporation that provides educational and research opportunities. It is fully dedicated to providing quality support and resources for the educational needs of young girls in developing countries, as well as assisting and supporting students willing to pursue a scientific career or participate in research programs while pursuing advanced studies here in the United States. “We totally believe that receiving a solid education is a basic need for anyone’s hope for their future,” says Dr. Sharma.

He states that in the United States of America, every one of us is provided with a chance to acquire an education. There are over 65 million girls in the world who have never had an opportunity to go to school. They go through early marriage and subsequently early pregnancy and have little to no chance to earn an income that is close to self-sustaining. They do not have the knowledge or realize the value of helping their own children go to school. This perpetuates cycles of despair and poverty throughout society and affects the development of entire countries in general.

Education will help these girls understand their strengths and their rights and further contribute to a decrease in the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate. We will work with partners to reach out to these children and families to help them get much needed education,” he added.

In any society, science, scientists, and researchers have a very important role to play in its development. Through awards and honors to trainees, professional researchers, and scientists in various fields of education, the YFS Foundation will support scientific research that aids in medical innovations. The foundation believes supporting such research will ensure the introduction of unique innovations and life-changing technologies in medicine, engineering, and other fields of education to improve the lives of millions worldwide.

Bequeathing the Keys to Excellence

Taking excerpts from his professional journey, Dr. Sharma shares his advice to those aspiring to venture into the healthcare space. He says, “I think the magnificent field of medicine provides a very exciting environment for young physicians who aspire to explore the unlimited potential of clinical research utilizing their clinical knowledge and skills.”

According to Dr. Sharma, everything that emerges daily comes out of science. Exploring the possibilities of bringing a positive change in this world through pioneering inventions will ensure better treatment of patients with brighter outcomes. “Medical entrepreneurs will find it very interesting to understand in depth the complexities of medical science, identify the core areas of interest, be instrumental in translating the discoveries from the labs and introducing defining technologies,” he added.

Patience is the key to success. In this highly regulated world of medicine, although the wheels of success move a little slowly, the end results can be very productive and gratifying. Bringing a change to millions of lives with passion and determined work will give a great sense of accomplishment and a meaningful life.” he advises.

The Road Ahead

Dr. Sharma believes that YFS will register strong and sustained growth given the relevance and uniqueness of its technologies while meeting the challenges of current uncertainties in the global business ecosystem.

The company looks forward to working with various government agencies and participating in public-private partnerships to introduce its programs nationally, as well as in the international arena.

We would like to ensure that the benefits of our technologies are made available to those who need them the most,” says Dr. Sharma.

In the coming years, the company’s main task will be to provide overall support to organizations to effectively combat all forms of pathogens and contagions now and in the future.

Despite the challenges, we are now on the verge of changing the way airborne diseases are handled by introducing our cutting-edge air sterilization technology to replace the older methods of maintaining indoor air quality,” affirms Dr. Sharma.

We take pride in introducing this state-of-the-art technology to the world and being a leader in combating communicable diseases and protecting life from current or future pandemics,” he added.

The YFS team is working to provide a safe environment in hospitals and commercial buildings, protect children in schools, improve safety in various modes of transportation; and, above all, working with the Department of Defense to provide safety and security to defense personnel from infectious diseases and biological threats.

While the company continues to expand its national and international commercial operations, its research and development program will remain focused on further introducing next-generation technologies. Dr. Sharma states that “Our hydrogen peroxide gas plasma-base disinfection program is much needed to reduce healthcare associated infections.”

The company is now developing a new technology to combat biofilm-induced medical device-associated infections. Currently, it is working on catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), a significant health care concern for health care institutions. YFS’s oral care program is expanding and has established a national footprint.

Additionally, Dr. Sharma says that, “We are emerging as a leader in providing much-needed relief to oncology patients and other patients through our oral care program. We will continue to work towards introducing new healthcare applications to benefit patients by participating in clinical trials and through collaborations with established partners to ensure mutual growth.”

YFS is well positioned to see a robust increase in revenue and outreach, resulting in job creation, economic growth, and a sustained contribution to addressing healthcare-related challenges,” Dr. Sharma concludes.

Exhibiting True Excellence: Product Reviews

“We found GloTran® to be quite effective at reducing generalized bacterial contamination on the surfaces of small medical devices we studied in this outpatient clinic.”

  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Medical Staff

Our favorite feature of GloTran® is its ability to disinfect a variety of items in a way that reduces staff time and is effective and thorough.

  • Anthony Deliberato, DDS

Lubricity® is great and has made a big difference in my dry mouth. It’s a great product, and I’ll tell others about it. Thank you!

  • Catherine 

Lubricity® comes closer to being like natural saliva than any other product I’ve used. Also, it has no disagreeable taste or irritating ingredients.

  • Colette

I have used MetaQil® almost 2 years now. I have been to six different doctors for a terrible taste in my mouth and no one has been able to help me. MetaQil® is the only product that works for me. Is the only thing that keeps me sane on a daily basis.

  • Kimberly

MetaQil® totally cleans my palette when eating and helps to get rid of chemo mouth! So thankful to have stumbled across this product and have suggested it to the dietary team at my hospital to share with other patients.

  • Stephanie 

Awards and Honors:

  • Bright Buffalo Niagara Industry Partner Award received on behalf of You First Services Group of Companies, 2018.



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