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YouTube Will Eliminate False Information About Cancer Treatments


YouTube has unveiled a new policy aimed at countering medical misinformation on its platform. In a recent blog post, the video-sharing platform announced that it would restructure its existing guidelines into three categories: prevention, treatment, and denial. Under these guidelines, YouTube plans to remove content that contradicts well-established advice from health authorities on subjects like Covid-19, reproductive health, cancer, and harmful substances, among others.

The company’s intention is to ensure that, especially in matters backed by well-studied scientific consensus, YouTube does not serve as a medium for disseminating information that could potentially harm individuals. However, YouTube has faced challenges in effectively moderating the content uploaded to its platform. Past lawsuits and controversies have highlighted issues with the platform’s moderation practices and staffing levels.

Under the new policy, YouTube will evaluate whether a condition falls within the scope of its medical guidelines based on factors such as the likelihood of misinformation and the level of public health risk. For example, content discouraging proven treatments or promoting unverified alternatives will be removed.

Yet, the platform acknowledges that certain content of public interest might remain available despite violating the new policy. Instances involving political candidates challenging official health guidance or public hearings containing inaccurate information may be allowed to stay. In such cases, YouTube aims to provide additional context to viewers.

This policy represents YouTube’s ongoing efforts to address misinformation and improve content quality on its platform, particularly regarding critical health information. The company’s endeavor to balance openness with accurate and responsible information dissemination underscores the complexities of maintaining a trustworthy online environment in the face of misinformation challenges.

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