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ZEST HEALTH: The Key to All Your Automated Healthcare Needs

Dave Evans | Chief Executive Officer | Zest Health

As per a 2019 report in The Telegraph, Google received almost 70,000 questions in a minute related to health. That means more than 7% questions in a day or roughly more than a billion questions a day are related to health problems that people face.

Right from a stuffy nose, hiccups, trending diet plans, how to check blood pressure, to symptoms of cancer, people wanted to know it all from the search engine. While the reasons for asking these on a search engine and not a registered medical practitioner range from taking another opinion, to not having time to visit a clinic, the fact is, one cannot rely on search engines all the time.

Most of the information online is not complete and relying on them can adversely affect our health. Worse still, at times the information is totally false, but presented in a way that makes it difficult for people to see through. However, the issue remains as to who to turn to when in doubt. Our bet at insights care would be on someone who is well-informed, an organization that is managed by professionals, understands the medical emergencies and is always ready to guide. Someone like Zest Health.

A Kansas-based technology company, Zest works in the health and benefits space. It is a benefits advocate for members, giving them clarity on their benefits, and guiding them to using their benefits most effectively.

Combining high-touch, human advocacy support with data-driven technology, this app gives members a single solution to help navigate the complex and costly healthcare system. Zest empowers members to engage with their healthcare on their own terms. Zest saves employers money, increases employee engagement, and alleviates HR work by simplifying how consumers navigate and access their healthcare.

In the recent pandemic, Zest is helping people overcome the fear and hype created around COVID-19 and guiding them with proper and validated information. It is helping the Zest members stay informed with the latest development, the symptoms, the do’s and don’ts and how and who to approach in case one is infected.

Products and Services

Navigating healthcare is not easy. Zest envisions on changing that for companies and their employees. Understanding benefit coverage, cost, and deductibles is no small feat, and finding in-network doctors and specialists can be another headache – especially when one already has a headache.

Zest provides simple, effective, human access to members’ benefits with its high-tech, high-touch concierge experience. Members get the information they need, on their terms, to make the best decisions for their health. Zest saves employers money, increases employee engagement, and alleviates HR work by simplifying how consumers navigate and access their healthcare. It provides members with 24/7 access to a certified healthcare professional, immediate response to member’s’ queries and guidance to appropriate care using triage protocols.

Integrating intuitive digital and mobile solutions, smart data, and its 24/7 tech-enabled concierge team, Zest is always available, at any moment, when the members need guidance. The team at Zest Health believes that this generation lives in a digital, mobile-optimized world where information, goods, and services are available on demand. That instant access is key – especially when one needs their healthcare information. The team provides members clarity on their health plan so they can use their benefits and address personal needs to maximum extent.

Future Prospects

Zest has come a long way and has proven itself as a valuable asset in the delivery and support of employee benefit plans. The company is focused on continually creating personalized services powered by AI, automation, and human support, giving members a new way to understand and engage with their health benefits. It is a system set up to save time, money, and hassle. Zest believes, “Your healthcare plan should work for you, not the other way around.”

The Driving Force

Dave Evans is the Chief Executive Officer at Zest Health. He has a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and health care industry and is also skilled in on various platforms such as, Business Analytics, Operations Management, Physical Inventory, Customer Service, and Sales. “ “

Client Reviews

Zest Health shared one of its client’s story, as follows: “After getting home from work, a Zest member began experiencing stomach issues. Struggling with her stomach, she considered going to the emergency room, but wasn’t sure if it was necessary. Worried the symptoms would persist, she felt anxious about missing work the next day. She was conflicted and in pain, unsure what to do.

The member called the Zest concierge. The Zest nurse listened carefully to her symptoms, performing a thorough assessment, determining the member was best suited to visit an urgent care clinic for evaluation. The nurse directed the member to an open nearby clinic with diagnostic services. The member felt reassured by the nurse’s evaluation, and was comfortable seeking care at the clinic, as it would only be a $50 copay.

At urgent care, the member was diagnosed with gallstones. The urgent care physician ordered an outpatient CT scan and referred her to a GI specialist for treatment options. Had the member visited the ER, her treatment would have been less in line with her needs, and costlier for her and for the Zest client.”



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