10 Best Companies in Medical Aesthetics Industry, 2021- Vol 2

Aerolase Corp: A Brand Synonymous with Technological Revolution
The onset of technological marvels that encompass the potential to reform lives, industries, and even global economies, has given strong hope to humankind – the kind of hope that is required in testing times like these. Innovation in the technological space is even more pivotal when the application of...

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Michael Tavger, President of Tavger Ltd.
Tavger Ltd: Offering Bioengineering Solutions to Improve Skin Quality
Tavger was established in 2009 to research and develop an ultimate technology for chronic wound healing....
Tim Cranko, CEO of TavTech, Ltd.
TavTech Ltd.: Transforming the Future of Medical Aesthetics
In the modern era, medical aesthetics is continuously evolving as more and more people become aware of...