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10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2022

Holon: Bridging Technology—Humanizing Healthcare
The healthcare industry is plagued with rules, regulations, and guidelines coming from many different sources that change at a rapid pace. This is causing unprecedented burnout for the dedicated people who deliver care. It’s a crisis that must be addressed with empathy and urgency. And that’s exactly...

Issue Profile

Nova Leah | Dr. Anita Finnegan | CEO & Co-Founder
Nova Leah – Mitigating Risks in Healthcare
Medical devices today are highly connected to the internet and hospital networks. They are thus able...
Priothera SAS | Florent Gros | CEO
Priothera SAS: Role of a Promising Molecule in Adding Years to Life
The American Cancer Society in 2020 estimated around 60,530 cases of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in...
Viewpointsystem | Nils Berger | CEO
Viewpointsystem: Bridging the Healthcare World with Digital Services
The healthcare sector is adopting various remote-based solutions to provide their products and services...