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10 Best Healthcare Solution Companies in 2022

LTC Ally: Simplifying Revenue Cycle Management in the Long-Term Care Industry
A highly domestic yet business-centric chore executed in almost every house at the end of the month is to stack the bills and calculate the expenses and savings of the previous month. An individual nose-dipped in the hassles involved in managing budgets, making payments on time, and properly organizing...

Issue Profile

Newborn Solutions | Javier Jiménez
Newborn Solutions: Augmenting the Healthcare Sector with the Power of AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is the discipline of using data-intensive computer-based solutions...
Onalabs Healthcare | Elisabet del Valle
Onalabs Inno-Hub: Empowering the Patients and their Families to Measure Relevant Biomarkers Anytime and Anywhere
After going through several stages of evolution, the healthcare sector is predominantly fueled by technology...
24Genetics | Nacho Esteban
24Genetics: Sustaining Health and Well-Being through Precise DNA Testing
Although there are multiple circumstances behind human diseases, hereditary fundamentals have made it...
Asphalion | Núria Romero
Asphalion: Exhibiting Excellence with Sheer Expertise
There are many reasons why new drugs are important, such as new diseases, the development of drug resistance,...