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10 Most Disruptive AI Companies Transforming Healthcare 2021

CareCru: Supercharge your dental business
With the rise in adoption of AI, big data, machine learning, transformative solutions have been made available to address problems that have been lingering for ages. Companies across the world have breathed life into their ideas by leveraging these technologies at the right time and for the right necessities....

Issue Profile

Jules Marcilhacy | Co-founder | COO | Hugo Facchin| Co-founder | CEO | Cuure
Cuure: Improving Everyone’s Health along with a Holistic Experience
It is significantly important to use advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare...
Pinaki Dasgupta | CEO | Founder | Hindsait
Hindsait: Aiding Healthcare Providers Seamlessly to Improve Patient Health
The global pandemic has demonstrated the need for digitization in healthcare delivery. Digitization of...
Peter Ward | Co-founder | HUMANITY INC
Humanity Inc: Healthcare Redefined
The conjunction of the technology and healthcare disciplines have laid the cornerstone for transformational...
Robert Lauritzen | CEO | Co-Founder | Cerebriu
Cerebriu: Abridging AI and Diagnostic Imaging
Innovation in the discipline of healthcare has been eminent since the time it was deemed quintessential...