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10 Most Influential Leaders Revamping the Rehabilitation Industry 2022 Edition 2

Noah Nordheimer: Facilitating the Gold Standard of Care in the Rehabilitation Industry
Unless and until time travel becomes possible, the past cannot be changed. But a new day brings with it new hope. Working on self-healing to erase the damage done by our past behavior or incidents can make our present productive and our future prosperous. The road to recovery and healing from dysfunctional...

Issue Profile

Dr. Christopher Keck | Open Hearts Family Wellness
Dr. Christopher Keck: In the Quest for Hope and Healing
Today, it can be difficult to focus on the deeper rhythms of life. Distractions come from the attention-economy...
Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper | Marc Community Resources
Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper: A Leader Inspiring Health, Hope, and Happiness
The contribution of one compassionate, committed, and dedicated individual can transform and inspire...
Francesco Del Governatore | GIA MIAMI and Vita Recovery
Francesco Del Governatore: A Confluence of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Leadership
Inside the Greek mythology, there are many disorders that can be cured by medicinal treatment or through...