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Noah Nordheimer: Facilitating the Gold Standard of Care in the Rehabilitation Industry

Noah Nordheimer | All Points North Lodge
Noah Nordheimer | All Points North Lodge

Unless and until time travel becomes possible, the past cannot be changed. But a new day brings with it new hope. Working on self-healing to erase the damage done by our past behavior or incidents can make our present productive and our future prosperous.

The road to recovery and healing from dysfunctional behaviors is never easy and never was. However, today the world has passionate leaders who are dedicated to introducing gold-standard personalized care programs and facilities for patients in their rehabilitation and wellness journey.

One such passionate leader who is steadfastly developing mental recovery and wellness platforms that create positive outcomes for patients and payers is Noah Nordheimer. He is the Founder and CEO of All Points North, a mind-body health company.

Based in Edwards, Colorado, All Points North (APN) has been providing a complete, personalized mental and physical health uplifting platform for people to recover from their past and comfortably work on their present to create the future of their dreams.

We had an opportunity to interview Noah, where he discussed more the programs and facilities provided by APN, his leadership experience, and his mission and vision to take the rehabilitation industry to new levels.

The following are the excerpts from the interview.

Mr. Noah, please give us a brief overview of your journey as the CEO of All Points North Lodge.

Before APN’s inception, I created the Baltimore-based Concerted Care Group (CCG) in 2014. CCG gave me the opportunity to design and refine a uniquely integrated model of care that rejected the standard “siloed” approach to behavioral healthcare, giving clients more opportunities for personalized treatment.

I believe personalization is the foundation for better recovery outcomes. I took the blueprint from CCG and channeled it into a larger scale for All Points North Lodge starting in 2016.

With a 70,000+ square foot campus, world-class clinicians, customized programming, luxury amenities, cutting-edge technology, and complete immersion in the beauty of the Colorado mountains, clients are able to focus on what truly matters: their healing.

Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio of brands beyond residential, PHP, and detox to reach people at every stage of their total health journey. Connection by APN offers virtual therapy for individuals and families. Plus by APN offers cutting-edge interventions for mind and brain health including Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback, qEEG, and Ketamine-Assisted Therapy. 9x by APN offers group fitness, personal training, and functional movement assessments. Social Club by APN throws in-person and virtual events for recovery-conscious community. And Retreats by APN brings 3-7 day clinical and wellness retreats for quicker stays and mental resets. All in all, we’re honored to be a part of so many people’s total health journey – meeting them exactly where they are and helping them find their true north.

What are the core values upon which your organization is built? What is the mission statement of your organization?

All Points North started with an ambitious goal: to change how individuals approach their mental, physical, and spiritual health. We exist to enrich and inspire lives through innovative mind, body, and purpose-driven care. As a company, staff and clients alike work to embody integrity, inspiration, connection, respect, and innovation.

As we grow, we’re focused on serving our clients and helping them find their way forward, addressing the root causes of addiction and mental health issues by offering trauma-informed, whole-person care. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation, which is why we champion connection. With our clients at the heart of every decision, we are constantly innovating new ways to connect and build recovery capital.

We’re dedicated to meeting clients where they are, both in their behavioral health and geographically. We offer a full continuum of care from detox and assessment to treatment, recovery, and telehealth. We stay connected with our clients offering a network of support in the form of the APN Connection App and the APN Social Club for alumni. We also launched 9x by APN to give people a fitness space for mind-body health and create a new frontdoor for the beginning of total health. Our goal is that “healthy” wouldn’t just include physical health anymore. Health encompasses the mind, body, and soul.

Tell us more about All Points North Lodge, its vision, and how it is established as a comprehensive wellness and personal development campus?

We built the Lodge in Edwards, Colorado, with the intention of creating a state-of-the-art setting utilizing evidence-based practices and data to inform our decisions and help our clients be the best version of themselves. Our doors opened in January of 2020, and by July 2021, we achieved client improvement outcomes in the top 5% of treatment centers nationwide.

Because we opened at the onset of the pandemic, we were ready to evolve to meet the needs of our clients and a changing COVID landscape. We developed a robust telehealth program to protect our clients and staff while continuing care through quarantine. That commitment to evolution has served our clients and us as well; we’re happy to shake up an industry that has been stagnant for over two decades.

After the proven success of the Lodge, APN is evolving to include satellite locations across the US and in London. We’re bringing lifechanging care to clients with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), detox and assessment, and a variety of other services that switch the focus from sick care to health care. Our group fitness concept, 9x by All Points North, is now open at its flagship location in Malibu. We really believe health is not just fitness, or just medicine, or just therapy. It’s the whole person.

Considering the example of the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you plan to navigate through similar situations in the future?

APN is dedicated to evolving to meet our clients’ needs; we embrace change and data, and we see them as opportunities, not obstacles. We’ve seen what happens when this industry sits stagnant – we want to see what can happen when we do the opposite.

At the same time, we’re not evolving just for evolution’s sake. The goal of our development is to make this industry a safer and more effective environment for people who need help. We want every client to find the treatment that works best for them, and we’re not afraid to collaborate with our colleagues to find the best fit for someone seeking treatment.

Recovery works best with adaptability, connection, and a willingness to change. With that approach, we feel confident in navigating whatever comes up next.

What is your opinion on the necessity for healthcare organizations to leverage technologies like AI and ML, especially when catering to the ever-evolving healthcare needs?

As displayed by our commitment to emerging treatment tech at Plus by APN, like TMS and HBOT for example, I believe it is critical for healthcare organizations to leverage a variety of innovative technologies to give their patients the best chance of prolonged success. Whether that be developments in AI, ML, or new technology-driven treatment modalities, we providers have a responsibility to evaluate all tools that could improve the quality of care and treatment.

Technologies like AI and ML clearly have benefits in healthcare that I’m afraid some will be too slow to adopt. Healthcare has often been tech-resistant. AI and ML have already shown significant benefits in aiding with diagnoses, assisting in guiding patient’s treatment, assisting in tracking a patient’s progress, and flagging areas for further analysis – all things APN has implemented. These technologies’ capabilities and use in the medical landscape will only continue to grow. With each development, I would urge healthcare organizations to watch the research, participate in clinical studies, and evaluate the potential for patient impact.

All Points North Lodge is offering a range of therapies and healing modalities. What differentiates All Points North Lodge from other organizations catering to the healthcare and rehabilitation sector?

Our treatment approach is multifaceted in order to meet the needs of our clients’ physical, mental, and spiritual health. Honestly, the difference is in how much we are able to treat both breadth and depth through truly whole-person care.

With this in mind, we rooted our programming in evidence-based practices with plenty of room for customization and client input. Our clinicians constantly strive to develop and expand their offerings. We work collaboratively and meet as a team for weekly professional development sessions, covering a range of topics from how to serve unique client populations to proper documentation and HIPAA-compliance.

Clients at APN Lodge receive a balance of individual and group sessions led by clinicians. This approach gives clients the foundational tools to help them address areas of concern and then practice these skills with their peers. Group therapy also allows clients to connect with people who share similar life experiences. This can be especially powerful for clients who may have struggled with self-compassion – hearing someone else’s story allows clients to access a deeper level of empathy.

Every in-person client has the opportunity to work with our Family Therapy team. Clients identify their family of choice, and our clinicians help to address the foundational issues within the family system. Our family clinicians meet virtually with loved ones to address common themes and help bring whole family healing so that everyone feels supported while their loved one receives treatment.

As mentioned earlier, we also offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, jumpstart recovery and soothe the central nervous system in a rigorous treatment environment.

We incorporate mindfulness-based interventions like yoga, meditation, and breathwork to help root our clients in recovery and develop stress management techniques that they can use beyond treatment. Clients can participate in adventure-based therapy, immersing themselves in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Adventure-based therapy gives clients new opportunities and new environments to practice the techniques they learn in therapy under the guidance of a clinician.

The Lodge is outfitted like a five-star hotel. We offer an environment of intentional luxury because we want our clients’ sole focus to be on their healing. Clients are more likely to seek treatment when they feel comfortable, cared for, and safe. We offer accommodations that range from executive residences to private suites, semi-private suites, and double suites, all with sweeping mountain views. Our culinary team offers restaurant-worthy meals three times a day, plus snacks, a smoothie and coffee bar, and nutritional counseling from our registered dietitian.

We approach healing from all angles, and the outcomes show that our approach works. There are other great providers, and we’re pleased to be building a consortium of grounded, proven, exceptional companies to help more clients.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the healthcare services industry?

There are so many ways to do the same thing, but the healthcare realm doesn’t need more of the same. Embrace innovation, and don’t be afraid to disrupt the industry in the process. Find the gaps and create solutions – there’s plenty of room for improvement. The work we do saves lives, and you can’t take it for granted.

How do you envision further strengthening All Points North Lodge’s stronghold in 2022 and beyond?

In 2022, we’re expanding our “front door,” growing geographically through new locations, additional services, and expanded telehealth offerings, enabling us to bring our services to more people in need and continue treatment with our alumni.


In the past, we’ve developed specialized programs for NFL athletes and professionals. These programs have been consistently growing and delivering results for those populations. We’re honored to expand our offerings to serve the veterans of our armed forces. Thanks to a newly finalized contract with TriWest, many veterans can come to All Points North, receive exceptional tailored care, and access our state-of-the-art technology at no out-of-pocket cost to them.


When we opened the Lodge, we wanted to be a center of excellence – a place known for its model, capable of driving industry-leading outcomes. In 2022, we’re doing just that by establishing our first university partnership with Tulane University’s School of Social Work. High-achieving Tulane graduate students will learn at APN, with our clients benefiting from increased oversight. This is one of the ways we’re continuing to invest in the future of behavioral health.


In 2022, we’ll become one of the first providers to group practice licensing across all of our primary states and expand our telehealth program to serve more clients. We’re also expanding our reach with new physical locations in Dallas/Fort Worth; Naples, Florida; Malibu, California; Boulder, Colorado; and our first international location in London.

Demonstrating Excellence

“My time at APN was nothing short of amazing. Being there changed my life and helped me grow to become the best person I could possibly be. In my 30-day stay, I learned tools that could help with my anxiety and depression. I learned that I wasn’t alone and that acknowledging that I had a problem was the first step. APN helped me become the best father, husband, and son that I could possibly be. It wasn’t always easy, but I had so much support to keep going and to use my voice as a tool to help not only myself but someone else. I learned how to be vulnerable as a man and that I am strong through my trials and triumphs. I would not be where I am today without APN. Anyone who decides to go there will not regret it.” – A participant of the 30-Day Program at APN Lodge.

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