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360Medlink: Delivering Accessible Digital Care to the Vulnerable  

360Medlink | Jean-Manasse | Theagene
360Medlink | Jean-Manasse | Theagene

A patient is said to be ‘vulnerable’ when certain disparities exist, such as the lack of accessibility to effective care services or high healthcare costs. To eliminate these, the health technologists are working every day to navigate challenges and meet the changing demands of the patients. In their attempts to best serve the vulnerable, new models of care are defined, and affordability is addressed.

360Medlink, is part of the solution that strives to provide health care for vulnerable communities by ensuring that care is made culturally competent and equitable. Its innovative digital solution is structured to eliminate existing health disparities and provide evidence-based interventions to at-risk populations.

Jean- Manassé Théagène, the Founder and CEO of 360Medlink, manages to adjust the company’s operations and redefine the business model to improve the lives of patients living with rare disease and chronic conditions and empower them in their treatment journeys.

We at Insights Care Magazine strive to have a closer look into the journey of 360Medlink, through Manassé’s own words.

Bringing to Light: The Digi-Concept

Before starting the company, Manassé’s first source of inspiration was the fact that he was intrigued about on how to improve the lives of so many patients who have poor access to health care, lower quality of care, and are the least capable of affording good care. Later, it came to him that a key vector that can positively affect all of that instantly is technology.

Already as early as 2010, 360Medlink was considered to be a pioneer playing with the concept of Digital Therapies, following previous experience of launching one of the first algorithm-based (nowadays Artificial Intelligence) diagnostic tools for non-invasive liver disease staging.

Around that time, he also had working experience in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry internationally, where he realized that there would be a place for a healthcare-focused technology company to succeed.

It all became clear to me that soon in the future, the FDA and other country regulatory agencies will have to recognize the medical benefits of customized software solutions almost as equal to drugs and devices. And most likely it would be called something along the lines of digital therapy, digital medicine or digi-ceutical,” states Manassé.

Today the terms Digital Therapeutics (DTx) has become the norm.

From Start-Up to Global Strategic Partnerships

Manassé shares his journey with people who made it enjoyable for him, both in the past and present. For example, the very multi-cultural chemistry of the company. Or, there was a period when 40% of 360Medlink staff were women, which was a rather exceptional thing for a technology company back then.

He has walked and experienced growth with people who came from all sorts of disciplines, beliefs and ethnicities. “The journey has been good so far! Like every company, we have had our moments of highs and lows, somewhat of a roller-coaster. But in essence, it feels great today to see that what I envisioned for digital therapeutics over twelve years ago has become pure reality,” adds Manassé

He agrees that COVID-19 had certainly helped accelerate the digital health trend that, gradually and slowly, was transforming healthcare. From being a start-up many years ago, it is now a partner of choice for pharmaceutical/biotech companies and healthcare agencies who seek to improve their product by offering their support to patients. With its portfolio of Digital Medicines and Software as Medical Device (SaMD), the company is now hitting an inflection point in its journey.

A Blend of Differentiated Values 

360Medlink’s core values are based on and have emerged from the kind of upbringing that Manassé had experienced while being surrounded by a large family.

Firstly, the company’s values mutual respect. It is considered important to respect the difference in expertise, cultural diversity, and so on. Therefore, every member must feel free to express themselves and contribute as much as they can.

The second value is creativity, which prioritizes the need for innovation as 360Medlink is a technology company playing an important mission in this unprecedented period of healthcare transformation. Every team member is encouraged to bring new ideas, test new things, and help us all build innovation.

Thirdly, 360Medlink values perfection, where although not every team member could be perfect, they must seek perfection in their roles and their deliverables. In other words, It believes in leading by example and constantly striving for the highest quality.

These values are inextricably linked to 360Medlink’s core mission which is to build clinically validated digital therapies in specialty conditions, with a particular focus on special populations. By achieving this mission, we believe we will help make healthcare more accessible and affordable to all, especially for vulnerable communities,” suggests Manassé.

Rendering Remarkable Solutions

360Medlink offers a scientifically tested range of solutions to various verticals from pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies to health insurance companies. In the process, it still manages to stand out competition.

To attain the objective and stand out, 360Medlink’s operations run on certain key aspects of differentiation which are:

  1. The company’s three lines of digital platforms are complementary; therefore, it provides the benefit of a One-Stop shop.
  2. Its solutions are swift to deploy, cost-effective, and easily scalable.
  3. It has expertise in specialty conditions and a long list of successes to show it. It holds a professional team who comes from extensive experience in life-sciences and medical domains.
  4. The 360Medlink solutions have improved clinical outcomes, increased user satisfaction and received positive endorsements internationally.

Quality of Service and Customer Delight

Manassé elaborates on 360Medlink’s service by sharing an instance where he worked with the state of Rhode Island and their patients living with HIV. Over recent years, the company managed to help the state HHS address a notable problem of patients disconnecting from care, fading treatment engagement, and sub-optimal adherence – all through its digital interventions.

With the use of (formerly TAVIE), a digital treatment companion, the company helped improve reinsertion in care, patient and case manager satisfaction, and increase treatment adherence (87% to 98%), measured by patients who have achieved viral load suppression as observed over four years.

Manassé attributed, “Such a success must not be solely based on the digital therapy but also on the quality of service that the joint teams (360Medlink and Rhode Island case managers) were able to deliver to meet numerous unanticipated field challenges or difficulties considering the complex and specific needs of that special population.

Operating on Healthcare Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

360Medlink’s fast-paced clinical operations are managed by (formerly TAVIE), a flagship product that is one of the most holistic patient support programs (PSP) applications. It is the ideal digital treatment companion with several health essential features.

Its first key feature is the virtual coach platform that comes from the cognitive behavior change model, to help build self-efficacy. Other important features offer patients engaging items for education, support, resources, and fun (gamification). is complemented by two additional platforms for remote care management (RCM): one for the provider HCP or case managers and one for the sponsor (or payor) for population health, real world evidence (RWE), and data management.

Based on a medical treatment guidelines by therapy conditions, proprietary algorithm (technology) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the app offers a very personalized experience to the patient in a variety of cultural, language, and literacy adaptations.

Concluding Note 

In an era where customers demand cost-effective access to healthcare, the expectations for good quality patient care have been switched to hyper-customization — for which, 360Medlink is an ideal solution.

With its vast and unique portfolio of SaaS ready digital medicine platforms, the company has proven to be a reliable solution partner for not only the private and public healthcare stakeholders or payors — but also in creating memorable care experiences for the ‘vulnerable.



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